"Kristin and Rider are both engaging and passionate"

Kristin Skipworth is a skilled and dedicated doctor who can't resist helping the downtrodden and needy, or what her colleagues and friends like to call "strays". She's also a gifted empath, intensely feels the pain and sorrow of others as well as the highs and joys. Unfortunately, in Kristin's business, there are more lows than highs, and feeling others' pain when she's charged to ease suffering and cure illness, makes her job a difficult, sometimes dangerous proposition.

Orphaned at twelve, and recently suffering the loss of her twin brother to a laboratory explosion, Kristin is basically alone in the world, but for her cat, Sam, and a couple of friendly colleagues at the clinic where she works who, while they could never be considered intimates, are nonetheless concerned about her welfare.

Kristin has lately been experiencing the physical agony and fierce emotions from an outside, unknown source. She doesn't know where this individual is located or who he is, only that he is in severe pain, near starvation and death, and he harboring great hatred, rage and fear...for her. Bombarded and confused as to why anyone would hate or fear her, and curious about the origins of this man, Kristin has lost much sleep over the last several days, and it hasn't gone unnoticed by her co-workers at the clinic. One of the nurses insists that she go home early and get some rest. Under duress, and after asking another doctor to cover for her, Kristin relents. It is a decision that proves fateful, for Kristin is about to come face to face with her designated executioner.

Five hundred years in the future, Shakespeare and Chaucer are considered racy, hot showers with real water no longer exist, and trees and whales are now extinct. This is the world from where Rider Savage originates. It is also a world where empaths are under siege by the corrupt government of the time, and marked for extinction like whales and trees. In his time, Rider is an intelligent college professor of history, and revels in the old ways and the Old World to the point that he has wood paneling in his office in the historical building. He has also been married for five years before his wife is murdered, apparently by the Skipworths, or, as the government refers to people with empathic gifts, "Deviants".

In Kristin's world, however, Rider is a man out of time and without a home who has but one mission on his mind: to track down and assassinate the "Mother of all Deviants", the genitor of future Skipworths, one doctor Kristin Skipworth. He's well on his way to fulfilling his mission, before he hits a brick wall -- literally -- on his trip back to Kristin's time, and is severely injured and incapacitated.

Kristin crosses paths with Rider in an alley behind the clinic. Unable to ignore is dire physical condition, especially after he touches her, grabbing her ankle as she tries to pass, Kristin manages to get the larger man back into the clinic for treatment. What she doesn't realize is that her latest stray is a tank (or, in Rider's time, what is known as a TAINCC -- Total Acclimation and Immersion Neuro-Physiological Conditioning Chamber), who will stop at nothing to kill her.

Made up of motley convicted felons -- killers, traitors, the lowest of the low -- tanks are conditioned killing machines for the government, whose only choice other than death by lethal implantation, is to agree to enter the TAINCC.

Rider, however, is not your average tank, but devoid of feelings and memories -- all wiped clean during his conditioning in the TAINCC -- he is the next best thing, and for Kristin, a dangerous man, not only for his mission but for her instant attraction to the injured but virile time traveler.

Scratching the surface of government corruption, and what some will do in the name of ethnic cleansing and power, this story was fast-paced, gripping and well executed.

Kristin, despite her vulnerability and aloneness turns out to be, if not stronger, then as strong and capable a heroine as Rider is a hero. Kristin and Rider are both engaging, evenly matched, their relationship well developed and passionate. When the pair is not running for their lives from the bad guys, they are making provocative and sensual love between foot- and car chases.

If you're a fan of "The Terminator" movies (like moi, who is anxiously awaiting July for the third installment in the series), then I highly recommend this book as must reading.

Gracie McKeever, Author
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted May 21, 2003


n a future run by a corrupt government, skipworths, a group of human beings with telepathic ability, are considered demons worthy of annihilation. One man has been sent back to the present day to eliminate the person responsible for the birth of the skipworths. Dr. Kristen Skipworth is not the monster Rider Savage expects, however. She is merely a young physican whose an empathic ability makes her a good doctor. She can see through Rider's TAINCC conditioning to the man beneath.


Time Rider
by Rickey R. Mallory

Imajinn Books
July 15, 2001
ISBN #1893896544
263 pages
Trade Size (reprint)
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