"Well woven fantasy where the love is deep and everlasting"

This is a book about light and dark; good versus evil... But then again what good romance doesn't come from this angle. Candace Sams does a great job creating an amazing lost enchanted world in England. But the book does not open up there, but rather in Maine on a farm.

To bring us in to this story and really believe what Candace is selling, she creates her lead male character Blain McTavish, a simple farmer, who is unknowingly half druid and half fairy. His parents have concealed this from him for his own safety when they escaped from the enchanted lands and the old Order. But now his parents are dead under circumstances are almost suspicious.

No longer alive to protect and shield Blain from the Order, he suddenly starts to receive guests. A kind man Uncle Huge, also a druid, comes to evaluate Blain's condition and report back to Shayla, the Sorceress who is now the new ruler of the Order. Hugh has also found that a very malevolent force is moving in on Blain as he discovers various dark curses and signs planted around the property.

Calling in the special forces, so to speak, Shayla flies over to Maine with her young protégé', Afton, which I think is a great name, (actually there were a lot of good names in this book). Anyway Afton is a young Druid still trying to come into her power under Shayla's tutelage. She is a good balance for our hero with her kind and gentle ways; and yet manages to demonstrate that she's no frail flower, for much strength can be found in a true heart. (Side note: I really loved the fact that while on the farm visiting Blain, the animals would follow Afton around. That just creates the coolest visual.)

It is through Afton's kind and gentle ways that she manages to awaken Blain's true heart to who he really is and the beauty of his heritage. These two were a wonderful couple to follow. For as Blain's attraction to Afton comes into play so do his more alpha 'fairy' male like tendencies. And discovering he is a fairy of the warrior class lets you know this is one guy you shouldn't mess with.

But to really appreciate the beauty of this book you need a great nemesis. And Candace does not disappoint as we learn about those Fairies and other enchanted beings that left as the new Order came into power when Shayla defeated the old leader Freya. There are some who hold a grudge for Freya's downfall and want to reclaim the enchanted lands so as to rule once again where bloodlines are pure and fear dictates actions. Thus the dark creatures disguise themselves to prey upon Blain and try to manipulate and use him to their advantage.

This is definitely a well-woven tale, where the love is deep and everlasting, the good is heartwarming, and the bad guys, well you just don't like them! My emotions were well played. The story was well written and I can enthusiastically recommend this book.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted May 21, 2003


The Gazing Globe
(Tales of the Order - Book 2)
by Candace Sams

Imajinn Books
September 30, 2002
ISBN #189389682X
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