"Gripping reincarnation with a touch of supernatural"

Miri didn't believe in reincarnation unlike her twin sister Aurora. Aurora believed in all that stuff: tarot cards, healing stones, past life regression. After their mother's death Miri had been having the same dream over and over of a place she had never seen before. Looking through a magazine she saw a picture of a scene from her dream. She had a strong compulsion to go see Port Darkling and find out if there were other things from her dream there.

Luke who strongly believed in reincarnation has been anxiously waiting for the one who was his wife in his previous life. When Miri stepped into Luke's store he knew it was her even though she looked different. Even though Miri didn't recognize Luke, he was determined that this time their life will turn out different. This time he would not let his wife down and be the responsible for her death.

What they didn't realize at first was that Rachel who had worked for Luke in his past life was back as well in Port Darkling. She was just as determined to keep them apart as she was in their past life. Now not only did Luke have to convince Miri that she was his wife in her previous life; he had to protect her from Rachel whoever and whatever she was now!

I wasn't sure if I would like this book. It sounded too scary for me. Instead it was an exciting and gripping book that I could not put down until I had read the whole thing. I wondered about the character Luke. He seemed very nervous almost afraid at the beginning. I thought he was wimpy at first but as the book progressed you learned why he was like that. Having a set of twins gave the book an interesting twist. In the back of your mind was the question did Luke know which twin was his "wife"? If you like reincarnation with a touch of supernatural then this is the book for you! Come along and watch as Luke tries to convince Miri all over again that she is the one for him and that their love is so great not even death can stop it.

Sophy Murphy for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted May 21, 2003


100 years ago, in a previous life, sea captain Edgar Miles brought his bride to his home in Port Darkling. A sorceress murdered his child, his wife, and him. Now he has been reborn as Luke Milner, his wife as Miri Ellis, and both have been drawn to Port Darkling once again. Miri does not, but Luke remembers his past life, and the evil that destroyed it. The sorceress is still there, in Port Darkling. She has never died, and is now more deadly than ever.


Return to Port Dakling
by Judith Miller

Wings e-Press
January 1, 2003
ISBN #1590888448
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