"A genuine, humorous, tale of heaven sent love"

Life in the fast lane had finally caught up with Geneva McBride. No doubt about it, she was dead. Geneva had been a bad, bad, girl. She'd lived for excitement, making her poor husband's life a living hell. Still he had loved her, and had tried to make her happy. She'd abandoned him shortly after their daughter was born. Responsibility had not been her thing.

Much to her surprise however, she hadn't been sent directly downstairs. Instead she was to be given another chance to make amends and earn her angel's wings. Apparently the Big Guy had a sense of humor. The punishment was to fit the crime. Geneva was charged with finding the perfect mate for her former husband, Jonah.

Jonah McBride was at the end of his rope. Everything meaningful in his life had failed to thrive, his marriage, the Blue Moon diner which had been in his family for generations, and now, worst of all, his baby daughter Katie. Jonah didn't miss his late wife Geneva, she'd left him long before she'd actually walked out the door, but Katie did. She wasn't eating or sleeping in spite of his best efforts, and he was terribly frightened.

Just when things couldn't get any worse Jonah discovered a beautiful young woman lying unconscious in the ladies room of his diner. The woman was battered, bruised, and smelled of liquor, but to his surprise the moment he'd turned his back she had calmed his precious daughter and had put her to her breast as if she was her own.

That is exactly what the woman believed. She had no memory of her accident but was overjoyed to have found her way "home". She believed that Jonah was her beloved husband, and that Katie was her baby girl Lizzie. Jonah's conscience tugged at him, knowing that another man and child could be out there missing her, but he couldn't bring himself to disabuse her of the notion. He told himself it was best to indulge her delusion until she recovered her memory, best for him and for Katie. Angel was the answer to a prayer, she cared for his home as lovingly as she did for Kate and himself. She'd even turned around the diner, drawing in customers with her remarkable voice. As the days went by it became harder and harder for him to imagine a life without her. He wanted to make it all real, but he was living a lie, and lies always came back to haunt one.

Cocky as ever Geneva thought her assignment would be a cake walk, but of course Angel's past had to catch up with her eventually. In the beginning Geneva was blissfully unaware that her task was twofold, but self awareness dawns with each obstacle she had overcome to insure Jonah's happiness. Like Dorothy in Oz, she soon realized that the best things in her life had been in her own back yard. She hadn't changed enough to forget about the wings, but she was truly contrite and wanted Jonah, Angel, and Katie to become the happy family she hadn't been able to give him. Her shock is even greater than Jonah's when she discovers out who Angel really is. What had the Big Guy been thinking? Angel's past made Geneva look like a saint! Could love change a woman like her? Could Jonah accept her for who she really was? In the end it is out of Geneva's hands for as they say "it takes two to tango" and Jonah has to come to terms with his own role in the failure of his relationships.

Although there are moments of truth, and moments of despair, the tale is lightened with much humor, as Geneva thwarts all attempts by Jonah's friends to discover Angel's identity before her task is accomplished.

What I really liked about this story was that it was about real people, with real flaws, and obstacles to surmount. They don't become perfect, but have to come to terms with what can be changed, and what must be accepted. The ending is a happy one, with several surprises. I'd love to find out what Geneva does with her second chance. Wouldn't you? A highly recommended debut, I look forward to more of Ms. Altom's work.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 19, 2003


When bad girl Geneva McBride died, she assumed she'd go straight to hell, but it turned out the Big Guy had a sense of humor. To earn her angel's wings she had to match her former husband with his ideal mate. Luckily, she had a foolproof plan--well, almost foolproof.

Heaven Sent . . .

Ever since Jonah McBride's wife had left him and then passed away unexpectedly, his daughter had been sick. Plus, his restaurant, the Blue Moon Diner, was failing. His life didn't truly spiral out of control, however, until he discovered a woman sleeping in the ladies' room--a woman who awoke believing they were married.

Clearly the beautiful blonde suffered from amnesia. But when she nursed his child with practiced ease, Jonah figured the truth could wait a few days--just until his baby's health improved. As the white lies added up, though, his house suddenly felt like a true home, his business took off, and the lady responsible made him weak with desire. Now, Jonah planned to prove their love was the real deal.


Blue Moon
by Laura Marie Altom

Love Spell
May 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525380
EAN #9780505525383
368 pages
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