"Great vampire romance"

Alana Piovanetti always enjoyed horror tales in books (not just fiction) or film especially when supernatural creatures starred. So her best friend Valeria is not surprised when Alana accepts employment as a vampiress at the Puerto Rican restaurant La Cueva del Vampiro. Alana considers Valeria her best buddy who knows the surface of her dreams, though she hides the depth of the nightmares that were always there, but seem more prevalent now than ever before.

From the first time Sadash saw her face, when Alana was nearing adulthood, he knew he found his cherished soul mate. He waited for her to mature and feels the time is now to make her his. At the first night opening of the restaurant, Alana spots Sadash, the man who has haunted her dreams. She feels the attraction immediately, but though compelled to become a vampire like him and with an opportunity to learn the truth about her past, will she take the step? Sadash also worries if he can keep her safe from the secrets in her past.

On the surface, DARK HUNGER appears like many recent vampire romance novels. However, Alana lifts the novel high above the current level of similar books because readers feel the protagonist's inner torment between a love that borders on obsession and a past that she obsesses over. Sadash is somewhat more typical of the sub-genre though his human like conscience brought about by his love for Alana will surprise readers yet feels true to his character. Even with the threat to their existence as a couple taking a back seat to the love story, sub-genre fans will fully hunger for more dark supernatural romances from Mayra Calvani.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 16, 2003


Dark Hunger
by Mayra Calvani

Amber Quill Press
May 16, 2001
ISBN #1562799558
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Dark Hunger

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