"Here he comes to save Fate's Darkest Day"

The Superhero and the Psychic:

Eugenia Kinneally had implored her niece, Vivian, to come to Oregon for what she had cryptically called "training". Vivian had always found an excuse not to go, and now it was too late. Vivian who had always stood out because of her unusual psychic abilities had witnessed Eugenia's death from her home in California. Now against her brother's protests, she has temporarily moved to Oregon to investigate the murder, and search for a more recent will that should include her two siblings. No sooner has her brother and his son headed back home for LA, strange things begin to happen.

Vivian is awakened from her sleep unconscionably early the next morning by frantic knocking at her door. Vivian doesn't realize this but she has just opened the door to her future. Enter the three Fates, Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis. Well the original fates anyway. It seems that the Powers That Be had recently been influenced to impose term limits and new qualifications, one being that the applicants must experience what it is to be powerless. The former Fates had complied and now it was clear that the instigator of the new rules, Eris the goddess of discord, was out to eliminate them permanently. They had come to Vivian for aid, not realizing that she had not yet come into her powers and had no inkling who they were.

The presence of the Fates brings Vivian's building under attack by Eris' son Strife. The fates teach Vivian to use her mind to protect the building and send her for the nearest available mage, Henri Barou, owner of a local pet store. Henri, who just slightly over 100 years old is still a young mage by immortal standards. He is currently going by the name Dexter Grant. Vivian who is a comic book fanatic does a double take when she notices Dexter's exact resemblance to the Man of Steel, who also happens to be the man of her dreams. How could she help but lose her heart to him. It's love at first sight for Dexter as well.

Dexter had been a great humanitarian until he had been outted in that dratted comic book. The Fates' warning had been intimidating enough for him to desist in his do gooding where humans were concerned. Now his heroics were reserved for needy animals, but he had always longed for someone to love him as much as he loved them. Vivian is the woman he's waited for all his life. But she is asking him to assist the Fates, and though he's not really sure he wants to help them, he follows her home.

It seems that the Fates need more help than the two of them can give and the efforts to break in are causing Vivian real pain. Henri whisks them to the restaurant next door, run by two familiar characters from Ms. Grayson's previous books. These mages however have been punished severely in the past by the Fates and their ambivalence makes Dex decide to handle things on his own. He sends the ladies off to a protected shelter, and then takes Vivian home knowing that its only a matter of time before the her aunt's murderer would attack. Will they be ready, or will their great love end before it's begun?

While this story, like the others in this loosely connected series, focuses more on the mystery/suspense plotline than the romantic aspect, it is vital to the story that these two soul mates work together in order to resolve the crisis. And they do, as only soul mates can. This story does not contain descriptive sex scenes and therefore would be suitable for a younger audience as well as for adults. Though the crisis has been averted for now, the fate of the Fates is left up in the air, which hopefully means at least one more fateful tale is in the offing.

Copyright © 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 12, 2003


Holding Out For A Hero

My name's Vivian Kinneally, and I can't believe this is happening to me. I just moved here to Portland, Oregon, to take over a business left to me by my favorite aunt—nothing earth-shattering...or so you'd think, right? I've always been a little bit psychic—but my powers never hinted at what was to come when I let three gorgeous, terrified women into my home at 6:45 this morning. As The Fates would have it (did I mention these supermodel lookalikes are The Fates?) my life was about to change forever . It seems they're temporarily powerless, and need my help to escape a mysterious enemy. Knowing I can't do it alone, they've sent me in search of one Dexter Grant. And now that I've found We're talking Superman, here—hold the tights, cape, and big red "S". I've always been an independent kind of gal, but something about this guy makes me want to let him fly me to Paris—and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't need a plane to do it....


Simply Irresistible
(Fates: Book 4)
by Kristine Grayson

Kensington Publishing
January 1, 2003
ISBN #0821771485
EAN #9780821771488
320 pages
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