"A delightful fantasy romance"

William MacAlpin prefers working as an emergency rescuer jumping into dangerous scenarios to rescue trapped firefighters than serving as a Protector. However, the Council, through his Uncle Gavin, orders William to make a critical leap in time to stop escapee Bartholomew from changing history. He says no until he learns that the Renegade time traveler plans to go back to the sixteenth century to kill William's parents.

William journeys back to 1558 where Isabel de Pinze sees him miraculously step out of the water. However, thugs immediately accost him. With Isabel's help he wins the battle, but is badly wounded. She manages to take him to her home where her guardian calls Dr. John Campbell to look at William. John is actually Bartholomew who recognizes the tattoo of a Protector who is most likely coming for him. As William and Isabel fall in love, he must stop Bartholomew from changing history by protecting his mother, a little girl living with Isabel's guardians.

MY SECRET PROTECTOR is a fine historical romantic fantasy that readers of the two sub-genres will enjoy. Though the audience will need to accept the Protectors and their species living among mortals, the author binds her audience through the plight of the hero willing to die to protect his loved ones. This solid tale will lead to the audience wanting to learn more about this nearly immortal race watching the time stream.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 22, 2003


In present-day Montana, William MacAlpin courageously fights fires as a smoke jumper in the rugged backcountry, but this reckless endeavor masks an even more dangerous calling. For William is from a dying breed of immortals sworn to protect the earth. When he learns that a ruthless killer has escaped into sixteenth-century England, determined to change history, William vows to bring the renegade immortal back -- dead or alive.

Isabel de Pinze, a gifted painter and servant in Queen Mary's court, knows nothing of the existence of the Immortals or of the battle that rages between good and evil. She knows only that the man she sees being ambushed along the Thames River needs her help, and that his stolen kiss stirs her deepest longings. Soon, however, William discovers that his quest is linked to Isabel's own amazing destiny...for he has fallen in love with the one woman who can destroy them all.


My Secret Protector
by Pam Binder

Pocket Books
June 1, 2003
ISBN #074341795X
384 pages
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