"A Highly Entertaining Fantasy Read"

If you enjoy stories like "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" in which the off beat free spirited type triumphs over judgmental preppy snobs, you'll like this one. Not that Callie Hauseman has a clue she's the least bit unusual. She is who she is.

Life had thrown Callie a few curves. Her parents had been killed in an accident when she was a little girl and she had gone to live with a maternal aunt and uncle. She'd been unhappy until she discovered her aunt's passion for vintage movies, a passion she soon shared. Callie always seems to equate life's moments with scenes from those movies and they were a source of comfort to her when sad or depressed. Callie had also inherited Wiccan blood from the Northern Black Forest from her mother's family, although so diluted through intermarriage with regular people that Callie had doubted she had any ability whatsoever in that area. If she hadn't already been having a horrible day, perhaps such an unusual thing wouldn't have happened.

She had slipped on a patch of ice that morning, scrapping her face, and making her body ache in places she hadn't known she possessed. Then her car had decided not to start and she had had to take public transportation to work. But had her weasel of a boss even noticed? Of course not! Sy Teller never thought of anyone but himself. So when he'd asked her to go clear across town after hours to pick up a wedding gift for his "idiot nephew", it had been the last straw.

If she hadn't needed her Christmas bonus so much, she would have refused. She couldn't even imagine such a mean old man having a family. When she returned with the gift, and had Sy demanded that she return in the morning to have it wrapped, she couldn't resist telling him exactly what she thought of him. Unfortunately she still needed that bonus, so instead of calling him a son of a female canine to his face, she had dug into her German Wiccan roots and called him the same in words he wouldn't understand. She must have gotten the declension wrong because after the room stopped shaking, a cute like golden retriever stood where her cranky boss had been. Whoops!

David Teller, a.k.a. the idiot nephew, was having problems of his own, although he wasn't exactly aware of it. He'd been born in South Boston, and had been running from his Southie roots for years. His sleek, sophisticated, pedigreed, fiancée referred to him rather deprecatingly as a self made man. Of course it was his father Doug, the Appliance King, who was the real self made man. He was the reason David had been able to attend Harvard, join a prestigious accounting firm, attract a woman like Lydia and leave the world of his childhood far behind. They been together for three years, drifted into living together, and were now planning a marriage he couldn't even remember proposing. Maybe subconsciously this was the reason he avoided dealing with the details. Now Lydia was insisting that he get an R.S.V.P from an estranged uncle he hasn't heard from in years, and he knows better than to come home without it. But Sy Teller seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, and the strange thing is that no one at his office seems to be bothered by that fact. Stranger still is how nervous his secretary is when questioned about him.

Still he finds her appealing in an off the wall manner. She's definitely not his type and undoubtedly a few bricks shy of a load, so why can't he stop thinking about her? Why can't he let the police just handle his uncle's case? Convinced that Callie knows more than she's saying, he stakes out her place. Finally the pressure gets to her and she blurts out the truth. Apparently she's crazier than he thought if she expected him to believe she'd turned his sour old uncle into a cute little puppy. Lydia was right, he should have left this to the police, except that Callie haunts his dreams and he can't seem to let this whole the whole affair rest. Before he knows it, he's losing track of time, missing business meetings and social events much to the ire of his fiancée and his business associates. What if she's actually telling the truth? All David knows is that all of a sudden his tidy, predictable existence has been turned upside down, and for the first time since he'd left South Boston he was having fun. Now if they could just track down Callie's traveling relatives and reverse the spell everything would be perfect, because he was fairly certain that his uncle wasn't the only thing he'd lost to her. He just hoped her aunts were better witches than Callie.

This story is a hoot. Callie is wacky but totally real. She hasn't a clue that she's unique. She's as surprised by what transpires as anyone, but takes it all remarkable in stride. What probably charms David the most about her is that she actually finds his roots admirable. David's fiancée is your stereotypical shallow snob, much more worried about saving the price per plate at the wedding than in his uncle's fate. Poor David doesn't know what hit him, but its fun watching him fall head over heels for Callie as she turns his whole world upside down. Ms. Ireland saves the best fun for the end, as predictably Sy is returned to human form, but is not quite the same man they remember. Sorry no clues, I highly suggest you pick up this highly entertaining read.

Copyright © 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 7, 2003


Impractical Magic

Callie Hauseman may be descended from a long line of somewhat ditzy witches, but the family magic certainly isn't working for her. Why else would she the scattered- brain beauty be stuck in a dead-end job, socking away money to finish that college degree? Callie isn't serious when she spits out a curse her Aunt Agnes used to say, but in an instant, she has changed her cranky tyrant of a boss into an adorable golden retriever puppy! Now, panicked and desperate, Callie's got to find someone to help her reverse the curse...before his handsome nephew starts sniffing around.

Improbable Love

As a CPA, David Teller likes everything about his life buttoned up, just like his Uncle Sy. So why hasn't the old man RSVP'd to David's wedding invitation? Determined to get an answer (and appease his demanding fiancé), he marches into Sy's office only to find his wacky secretary, babbling about accidentally turning his uncle into a dog. Before he can say, the cute ones are always crazy, David is following Callie, determined to uncover her secret. But the more time he spends with her, the more he's sure she's telling the truth...because for the first time ever, he's feeling utterly bewitched...


Charmed, I'm Sure
by Liz Ireland

Zebra Books
March 1, 2003
ISBN #0821774743
EAN #9780821774748
352 pages
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