"A twist of Irish paranormal with romance and suspense"

Nick Desmond is a NY cop done wrong... Maureen O'Shea Fazzini is the grandma trying to give her crime family the slip and protect her granddaughter...and the Mulligan's are a family that can't seem to shake an old Irish curse... The curse was woven by an old ancestor and witch, Sinead, who lost at love centuries ago with Fergus because he swore himself to the church out of duty rather than commit to their love for each other. Bring them together in Ballybrounagh, Ireland, stir it all up and what do you have...a great paranormal, suspenseful, and heartwarming love story.

As the book unfolds we find that Nick Desmond is driven by his duty to avenge his father's death and protect Mrs. Oshea and her granddaughter from ever being found by the Fazzini crime family. And sweet Maggie falls hard for Nick, freely giving her love to him knowing there will be no other for her. Will Nick have the strength to make the right choice between duty and love when the curse comes to it full peak? Or will Maggie, who hears Sinead's voice inside her, lose, again?

I truly enjoyed reading Mulligan Magic. This is my first Deb Stover book and I am well aware it is the second book to follow Mulligan Stew, which I will be reading in the very near future. Deb Stover did an excellent job of honoring the individuality of each of these characters. None of them upstaged the other. Grandma O'Shea is one spunky lady with a sharp mind. Nick is all man right down to his self talk, which I enjoyed reading. And Maggie is truly an Irish beauty with a trusting heart. (Side note: I really loved it every time Maggie Mulligan would get nervous or stressed and say "Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph"...I don't know why but that line cracked me expressed the moment so well.) And you truly felt the heartwarming kindness of the Irish locals in this novel.

And since this is a paranormal romance, what review would be complete without commenting on the love scenes...Well let's just say that I am going to be introducing my husband to a new yummy product called... well, now I can't give away everything, that wouldn't be fair. :)

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted May 6, 2003


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Mulligan Magic:

Maggie Mulligan was thrilled to be back in Ballybronagh, surrounded by her lively Irish clan. All she wanted was to raise enough money to keep the local school open so she could keep her teaching job. So why was she suddenly preoccupied with the mysterious new American who recently arrived in Ballybronagh?

Working undercover had taken former New York City police detective Nick Desmond to Ballybronagh, where he planned to gather enough evidence to take down his father's killer. But it wasn't long before Nick felt torn between his long- held yearning for revenge and his owverwhelming desire for the beaturiful schoolteacher. If he wasn't careful, his longing for Maggie would overtake him, generating repercussion that were far mor dangerous than his original mission.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghost

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Mulligan Magic
(Mulligan: Book 2)
by Deb Stover

Jove (Irish Eyes)
April 1, 2003
Available: March 25, 2003
ISBN #0515135119
EAN #9780515135114
306 pages
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