"Well done blend fantasy with Regency era"

The Forest Lord aka Hern aka Lord Cornelius aka Hartley... crosses over from the fane (fairy) world and presides over the lands of Hartsmere England. Laws have been laid out to protect the land so man does not betray it, and the animals can thrive.

And as we know there is always someone who will push the boundaries and break the rules. Enter Lord Blackwell who makes the mistake of hunting on the lands. The Forest Lord, guardian of these lands for hundreds of years, tries to punish him but Lord Blackwell manages to bargain for his life by allowing Hern to marry his daughter for purposes of having a baby to take back with him to the land of fane.

Beautiful young Eden falls madly in love with Lord Cornelius, not knowing his other identities as Hern aka the Forest Lord and eagerly runs away with him six months later. Everything goes to hell in a hand basket when Lord Blackwell tries one last ditch effort to save his daughter. Angered by his interference Cornelius's cannot hold back his true identity just in time for Eden to come around the corner and see. Scared and confused she runs from the inn unknowing that she carries his child already.

Nine months later a babe is born and lost. Aunt Claudia whisks her away to London where she is married to the only man that will take her and Hern goes into hibernation in a tree.

Five years later and on her husbands deathbed Eden learns that her son lives. Eager to find him she returns to Hartsmere. Upon the knowledge of her return the Forest Lord awakens and is eager for retribution against the woman who turn tail and ran from him.

Now disguised as Hartley, the Forest Lord gets to know Eden in a completely different way. She no longer holds the light naiveté of five years ago, but rather embraces the blessing of being a mother to her son and is eager to be more involved in the lands and people of Hartsmere.

This book is well woven with the plot twisting and turning as the events of their lives unfold. Susan Krinard has done her research well into the Regency era and the history behind fairy lore. Her attention to detail helps to blend fantasy with reality. The result is a magnificent book of resurrecting the magic of lost love. And as I live in and amongst the wilds of Alaska I have to say I will take great care not to trespass where fairies may lie in wait.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted May 6, 2003


Hern is a Lord of the Fane, a race ancient before the coming of Man. For a thousand years he has guarded his forest realm on the Lakeland estate of Hartsmere. He longs to return to the Blessed Land of his own people, but he must bring with him a half-mortal heir, whose humanity will strengthen the weakened blood of the Fane.

He chooses Lady Eden Fleming to bear his child and free him from the bonds of earth. But when she discovers his inhuman identity, she flees, carrying their unborn child within her.

Many years later, Lady Eden, once a diamond of the ton, is a debt-ridden widow with memories of one brilliant night of love. But she discovers that the child of that forbidden union, believed long dead, still lives.

Eden's joyful reunion with her son at Hartsmere is complicated by the proud and insolent servant, Hartley Shaw. He and her son share mysterious gifts that intrigue and frighten her. Who is Hartley Shaw, why has he come to Hartsmere—and how can she be falling in love with him?

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The Forest Lord
(The Fane: Book 1)
by Susan Krinard

Berkley Pub Group
November 1, 2002
Available: November 5, 2002
ISBN #0425186865
EAN #9780425186862
400 pages
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