"Comic book heros come to life -- and love"

Known only to the government and with their own ruling Council, there is a race of super-humans who are descended from the Greek gods called Protectors.  

The Venerate Council of Protectors requires Zoe Smith's decision by her 25th birthday. Being a halfling (her mother was human and her father a Protector), she can choose to join the PROTECTORS or relinquish her powers.  She has super powers she must learn to control like x-ray vision and telekinesis and she has very heightened senses - eating chocolate is to experience ecstasy. She disguises her superhero inclinations behind special glasses while doing her job as school librarian.  Zoe's cousin Mordi, who is also a halfing and facing the same decision, needs something Zoe has but doesn't know she has. He will do just about anything to get it and prove himself to his father, the Outcast Hieronymous. 

Private detective George Taylor seeks a missing magical stone for a client - something called Aphrodite's Girdle. His investigation leads to Zoe. As they fall in love, they also must team up to prevent an Outcast attempt for world domination. 

This super-hero novel has mixed fantasy, adventure, romance and comedy into a wonderfully entertaining story. We see Deena and Hoop from Ms. Kenner's first fantasy THE CAT'S FANCY join in the action again as secondary characters.  I loved Zoe's cover model brother with his pet, Elmer the ferret (I believe the next APHRODITE book is theirs). APHRODITE'S KISS is the first of hopefully several PROTECTOR books Ms. Kenner will entertain us with.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted May 6, 2003


2001 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award Winner - Best Contemporary Paranormal

She could see right through him ... Zoe Smith was far from normal. Crazy as it sounded, on her twenty-fifth birthday she had the chance to become a superhero. But x-ray vision and the ability to fly were only two things to consider. There were other factors, too…. There was her newfound heightened sensitivity. She could hardly eat a chocolate bar without writhing in ecstasy; how was she to give herself the birthday gift she'd really set her heart on -- George Taylor?

The handsome P.I.'s dark exterior hid a truly sweet center, and Zoe felt certain that his mere touch would send her spiraling into oblivion. But the man was looking for an average Jane -- no matter what he claimed. He could never love a superhero-to-be, especially one with an overprotective stallion of a brother and a creepy cousin who seemed to be lurking in all the wrong places. Could he? Zoe had to know. With her super powers, Zoe could only see through his clothing -- to strip bare the workings of his heart, she'd have to rely on something a little more potent.


Aphrodite's Kiss
(Aphrodite: Book 1)
by Julie Kenner

Love Spell
July 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524384
EAN #9780505524386
392 pages
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