"Action, action and more action"

Last year, reporter Nelson Ingram was working for his hometown newspaper in Litchfield, Alabama when he broke the biggest story of his career. He proved that the mob had a big money laundering operation in the quiet little town and he walked away from the story with a lot of money, a ledger and some discs all placed in a bank safety deposit box. Now Nelson lives like a hermit in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere afraid that the mob is going to want their money back.

One night somebody tries to break into Nelson's cabin and the next day somebody murders Dr. Hartley's closest friend. The good doctor, who is dying from cancer, helped Nelson last year and regretted doing so ever since. The doctor intends to use Nelson as bait to get the person who killed his friend but before that can happen, Nelson's cabin blows up and someone who wants the ledger and discs kidnaps Nelson. The good doctor falls in with a band of Cuban freedom fighters. All in all, it is just another average sensation for the reporter and the doctor.

Readers who like action, action and more action in their thrillers will definitely want to read DARK DELIVERY, a novel that doesn't allow the reader to catch their breath. Poor Nelson finds himself going from one disaster into another, not knowing friend from foe (except Dr. Hartley) and needing to make some important decisions without key information to guide him. Stephen J. Clark creates an action-oriented story line starring in-depth characterizations.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 10, 2003


Burnt-out reporter Nelson Ingram is back-digging up the dark criminal secrets that hide beneath the sleepy surface of Litchfield, Alabama. But this time, his suspicions could get him killed.


Dark Delivery
by Stephen J. Clark

Prime Crime
June 3, 2003
ISBN #0425191109
320 pages
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