"This Magical Debut will Cast a Spell on You!"

SPELLBOUND IN SEATTLE is a hot and humorous fantasy romance that rivals the works of Sandra Hill and Nina Bangs, but is a bit more reminiscent of Tanya Huff's Keeper Chronicles. The heroine, Petra W. Fields' sassy and often sarcastic wit reminded me of Megora in Disney's HERCULES. Take that Wiz Boy!

Earth, fifty years after the discovery of a way to combine physics and sorcery

Trouble seems to follow Petra W. Fields. She is one of the few humans who have no trace of magic in them whatsoever. Her childhood had been a difficult one, having been raised by two very powerful sorcerers. Her adult experiences with the magical ilk had been no better. Her faithless fiancé had only wanted to get closer to her parents. She could have found a nice non magical place to relocate, after all not every state had legalized magic, but the creep was still looking for her. Better to hole up in the last place he (and the police) would look for her. That is how she found herself living in Seattle, the hotbed of wizardry.

Wouldn't you know magic would be at the root of her latest problem? Petra's got guests arriving in less than an hour and the spotless carpet she'd purchased at a flea market (it had a pig border, and Petra has a penchant for pigs - *g) now has a huge magical bloodstain in the center of it. All attempts to clean it were in vain, and Petra decides to call in the pros. She places the call to Rapid Renovations, owed by a female wizard known as Fytch, However, Dugan of Emerald Renaissance Garments beats them to the job. In a desperate hurry, Petra hires Dugan's firm instead. Of course nothing is ever easy when Petra is involved.

It appears the carpet has been involved in a crime, and Dugan calls in his wizard, Vorador, who also uses his skills to help the police solve crimes. Petra's heart stops at the sight of the tall, dark man who looks totally yummy in spite of the ridiculous green robe that appears to be the E.R.G. uniform. But he's also haughty and arrogant, and there is Petra's track record with the magical type to consider.

For his part, Vorador is floored by Ms. Petra W. Fields. It's all he can do to maintain his professional demeanor. She's stunning, and to top it off she collects pigs! But Vorador had been the anomaly in a family of pedigreed non magicals. Compared to his childhood, Petra's had been a picnic, so he generally avoids her type like the plague. He works an invisibility spell to get her through the party and promises to have the job done by morning. Easy? NOT! Petra awakens to a huge hole in her floor where the stain had been. Things go from bad to worse when Bosco, the stray cat that had showed up the same day as the carpet, dives in it. From there things go completely awry. Vorador promises to fetch the cat and disappears down the hole. What can Petra do when he doesn't return? Why follow him of course. Where does she land, but right in his lap. Not a bad place to be, but this is not her basement that she finds him in. It appears that the crime victim had worked an enchantment, and now they are within its manifestation. There is no sign of Bosco and the pair makes their way to the only building in sight, which just happens to be The Hotel California (I kid you not). There they meet the younger sister of the victim, a rather hostile Amazon (are there any other kind?) by the name of Kitoka. Unlike in the song, it appears that they can actually leave by simply checking out.

Vorador knows more about the crime than he's admitted so far. In fact the crime victim, Medora, who just happens to be Dugan's new flame, hangs by a thread back in his laboratory, thanks to a spell very few knew existed. The key to bringing her back requires the blood of the person who had done this to her. Medora had been an extremely powerful wizard, and Vorador is aware that it would have taken very powerful magic indeed to have overpowered her. He also knows that Petra couldn't be responsible. But who could the murderer be? He hasn't a clue. Petra has a theory of course, not that Vorador would listen to it. He just wanted to keep her out of harm's way, but then again Petra wasn't the best listener either.

Often at odds, the two spar constantly. The byplay between them is simply hilarious. Did I mention that poor Vorador has an affinity for fire, and that Petra has a penchant for setting him ablaze with her expletives? Or that somehow even the simplest spells always go awry when she's in the same room with him? But beneath all the posturing is a rapidly developing passion. When they aren't rubbing each other the wrong way, they are chafing to rub each other in a way that's definitely right. Their connection is electric, in more ways than one.

This story hits home on so many levels, for beneath all the passion, humor, and suspense, is a neat little message about prejudice. What happened to the cat? What is all this business about pigs? Who tried to kill Medora, and why? These are just a few of the mysteries that one will uncover while reading this aptly named debut novel. Oh, and when Petra and Vorador finally get it right, you'll definitely be glad that you did. Whew! Fantastic! I can't wait to see what Ms. Anderson comes up with next.

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Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 22, 2003


Debut Novel

With enchanted blood on her carpet, a house full of Merlin-wannabes unable to clean it up, a petulant cat, and houseguests scheduled to arrive momentarily, Petra Field needs a miracle. She gets a wizard, a whole lot of unwanted sparks, and a man-sized hole in the middle of her living room—a hole into which her feline promptly disappears. Vorador hasn't felt so incompetent since his days as an untried sorcerer. The girl who leaps after her cat and into his arms causes his simplest spells to backfire—quite literally setting his hair ablaze. And though she claims to be no conjurer, he knows that he's never felt so bewitched, for Petra has a mesmerizing energy of her own: love.


Spellbound In Seattle
by Garthia Anderson

Love Spell
March 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525372
EAN #9780505525376
320 pages
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