"A new generation of Faerie Magic!"

IMPRACTICAL MAGIC puts together the two children of Ms. Fox's beloved couples from PRINCE OF CHARMING and BUTTERCUP BABY.

To recap for those who are not familiar with the series, an irate Titania, Queen of the Fae, had cast Robin Goodfellow, the half mortal son of King Oberon, into a painting to spend eternity. The only, and highly unlikely, means of escape was for his soul mate to speak his name. The miracle occurred, and Robin gave up his immortality to remain with his beloved Kate. Together they had a son, Brandon, a mortal child.

Ariel, Queen of the Pillywiggins (flower faeries), had drawn Titania's ire by defending her friend Robin. She had been banned from the faerie court. Oberon had taken pity on her, and curious about his new grandson had sent her to observe the child. Ariel had fallen in love with the babe at first sight, and had wished for one of her own.

Faeries, of course, are immortal and so had no need to reproduce. In order for Ariel to make her wish a reality, she had to find a mortal man to mate with. She had not intended to fall in love with her chosen mortal, after all faeries did not feel such strong emotions. But Rand Thayer had managed to steal her heart. When their daughter Rose was born, something unprecedented happened. Ariel's magic flowed into the child leaving her mortal and her daughter fully Fae. However Rose didn't come into her power until she was thirteen. Her childhood had been as normal as Brand's.

Not surprisingly the Goodfellows and the Thayers had remained good friends, and Rose and Brandon had grown up together, as close as two peas in a pod. As they entered their teens, romance blossomed, but when Brandon confessed his feelings to his parents, they warned him not to lose his heart to his friend. For the first time Brandon was informed of his heritage, and of Rose's. Brandon had had a passion for magic since he had been six. He loved everything about it, and to learn that his Rose would possess the real thing, while his father had denied it to him, festered inside him. Jealous and hurt, he turned away from Rose when she needed him most. Rose learned to master her magic alone. They had gone their separate ways.

Now Brand was a master illusionist. Though he hadn't seen Rose in over a decade, he sensed her the moment she entered the theater. He had expected her sooner of later, after all she had written exposés on all of the other prominent magicians, ruining more than one career. She was more stunning than ever, and Brand's pulse raced. But she was here to betray him yet again, and he was not going to let that happen.

Rose was determined to get her story. She insisted that her career was something she'd achieved without using her magic. Brand believed that she used her magic more freely than she was aware of, and so a challenge was issued. Rose could join him on his latest tour, and observe his performances. She could even expose his secrets, if she could discern how they were accomplished while using no magic. He had not expected her to make it through the first day.

Rose agreed to the challenge but had no idea how hard it would be. Still she was determined, and her will power was strong. What she didn't count on was that her unused power would spill over and leak, allowing human wishes to be fulfilled. As one can imagine that causes all kinds of trouble. Proximity forces Brand to confront his feelings for Ariel. He wants her more than life itself, but not as much as he covets her magic --- yet. Brand had always been the only man for Rose. Could she accept him on his terms? Would her love finally open his eyes to what really mattered.

This story was so much fun. Crazy things happen wherever Rose happens to be. Then there is the added bonus of a secondary romance between Brandon's assistant who also happens to be Rose's favorite cousin, and a faerie sent by Titania to bring Rose to live in the faerie realm. Sequoia makes Ewan promise to leave Rose alone if she can teach him the meaning of love. This proves to be an enjoyable challenge, and I hope their story will be continued in a future novel.

Copyright © 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 21, 2003


A man who longs for magic.

A woman who has it.

When they get together, it's magic gone haywire.

Brandon Goodfellow may be the greatest illusionist in the world, but he's not magician. Just ask Rose Thayer, the beautiful faery who possesses the one thing he covets most of all: true magical power. Years ago, she captivated his senses and captured his heart, then disappeared without a trace. Now, to Brandon's amazement, she's back—not to rekindle the sparks she ignited, but to expose the truth behind his greatest illusions! Still, this not-quite- master magician has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. But it'll take more than magic to convince Rose to do the one impractical thing she swore she'd never do: fall in love...with a mortal.


Impractical Magic
(Fae Romance: Book 4)
by Karen Fox

Jove Pubns
April 1, 2003
Available: April 29, 2003
ISBN #0515135364
EAN #9780515135367
228 pages
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