"Fascinating Fantasy on an Alternative Earth"

This story takes place in the multi-universe, on Gaea, an alternate Earth. The setting is Atlaua, an island continent which parallel's the legendary Atlantis. There, living among the ordinary people, are the psiborn. These possess varying levels of psychic abilities, and are able to tape into the khi power, when tutored by the S'hazons.

The S'hazons are a race of demiurges revered for the past millennium. They had appeared at the time the ancient Sky Gods had abandoned Gaea. They had come in answer to a call sent forth by a grieving priest, Aren Lohenrin. The S'hazons had filled the void the Sky Gods had left. Their memory had faded over time. Most now viewed them as myth. But as some became disenchanted with the S'hazons, the old religion had reemerged, dividing the people of Alaua.

Though her father strongly disapproved, Elinna Serru's only ambition was to become a Perceptor of the House of Lohenrin. She, like her mother, was a strong psiborn. Her mother had sacrificed her ambition to become a wife and mother, and it had destroyed her. Elinna would let no one stand in the way of her goal to become a great healer of her people.

First Elinna had to pass the test, which she does with flying colors, Her potential is high, and she quickly moves through the ranks in the house. She is tutored by the High Master and soon becomes a Master herself. It is then that she is singled out by one of the S'hazons for special instruction. She is elated with the power and wisdom she receives. But there is trouble in paradise.

For most of their lives, Elinna's best friend Hasmonea, also a psiborn, had shared her ambition to enter the House. But Hasmonea had now forsaken her power, and had joined the worshippers of the Sky Gods as a priestess of The Temple. Mesor, the royal Inheritor (brother and heir apparent to the ruler) arrives bearing a message from Hasmonea. She suspects the S'hazons of unsavory motives, and pleads with Elinna to investigate. Elinna and Mesor have been fighting deep feelings for each other for years. Though highly unusual in the royal family, Mesor too is psiborn. His reasons for denying his power are very different from Hasmonea's. Mesor worships no gods, but puts his faith in his own actions. He believes mankind must forge its own destiny. For this reason the pair deny their love for each other, but hoping to open her eyes, he urges her to accept the challenge.

Elinna agrees, if only to prove them wrong, but instead is shocked to discover that nothing she has believed in is real. The demigods she's put her faith in prove to have feet of clay, and now Elinna must rely on herself to determine what course is best for herself and her world. Will she choose Mesor's way or Hasmonea's, or will she come up with a solution of her own. Those answers can be found in the second book of the series, DAYSPRING DESTINY.

This is a fantastic fantasy, in which one woman learns quite a bit more about what she's made of than she had ever anticipated. The story takes her through twists and turns, from elation to contemplation. She will make shocking discovers, and critical mistakes, but if she is to save her world she must also learn from them. Will she find the key? If book two is a fascinating and suspenseful as the first one, the reader will definitely enjoy finding out. I highly recommend DAYSPRING DAWNING.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 16, 2003


What if ancient Atlantis never sank beneath the waves?

On an alternate earth called Gaea, the island kingdom of Atlaua is the home of a glorious civilization. For a thousand years the S'hazons, demigods from another dimension, have guided the psiborn humans of Atlaua in the use of the Power. But now the centuries-old peace is about to be broken forever. An ancient race of gods from Atlaua's distant past returns to claim the loyalty of her people. As the Sky Gods and the S'hazons clash, Atlaua's fate hangs in the balance. Only the Perceptors of the House of Lohenrin, masters of the Power, can discover the truth about the warring gods--but will they learn it in time?

Dayspring Dawning is the first book in the Dayspring series. Elinna Serru has long dreamed of entering the House of Lohenrin to study the Power under the S'hazons. But her dreams of becoming a healer are shattered when an even more ancient race of gods returns to Atlaua. Soon the people of her land are divided and the man she loves challenges her to discover the truth--which gods are lying?


Dayspring Dawning
by Jeanine Berry

Double Dragon
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1554041260
EAN #9781554041268
255 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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