"A Stunning Science Fiction Series Debut"

Present Day Earth

After years of sacrificing her dreams to help her parents, Tess MacKenzie had finally gotten her singing career off the ground. Unfortunately that often meant leaving the clubs late at night with her pay in her purse. Getting mugged in an alley was something she definitely didn't need, especially when all her bills were due. She decided to fight with the only weapon she had at hand, a can of hairspray. She had just begun to realize that it hadn't given her the edge she needed to escape, when she barreled headlong into a tall, muscle bound, hunk. The man was accompanied by a strange mechanical creature that he ordered to immobilize her attacker. Talk about your good luck! That is until the creature turned the device on her. She awoke aboard a ship, and her swimming skills wouldn't help her here.

Cohl Travers, is on a desperate mission. His father had been kidnapped and had become a pawn in a civil war on another planet. Two brother's battled for supremacy on Trakas. An magical amulet hidden on a desolated world would give one of them the advantage. Cohl, adventurer extraordinaire, had been charged with finding it. Traps had been set to protect the precious artifact. Cohl was more than capable of handling those, but in order to free the amulet, a song must be sung by a very specific voice and pitch. One mistake would mean death. He had followed the sound of this woman's voice across the galaxy. From the purity of that voice he had expected a fragile creature, in need of his protection.

He had thought the mission would be easy. Grab the Earth woman, recover the amulet, free his father, return her home, and continue with his adventures. He was prepared for her to awaken angry, but he had not thought she'd refuse his request once he explained. However he had not been prepared for Tess's spirit, or her stunning beauty. She was going to be trouble.

The Planet Yre Gault

Unable to convince her to help him, Cohl had no choice but to take her to his home world, and hope his mother could win her over. He had not wanted to return there, to give his parents or his people the hope that he would someday become their king. He had had enough of that lonely life as the only child of the planet's rulers. Though still angry with him, Tess couldn't help but see what he refused to see for himself -- how much he loved his planet and his people. But Cohl's absence had given his lifelong enemy the leverage he needed to attempt to take over their world. Cohl was forced into fighting the man publicly in the game arena. The game was a brutal one, and for the first time Tess realized just how much Cohl was willing to risk for them.

Now the whole planet knew he was home. He must play the charade of acting the crown prince, or risk the world finding about his father's kidnapping. Tess would be expected to play his mate, a role that was becoming easier as she began to learn what a fine, caring, man he truly was. Things had become complicated for Cohl as well. The woman he'd unearthed had become quite dear to him. Could he bear to risk her life in this endeavor? And even if she agreed to his proposition, could he bear to send her home if they succeeded?

The science fiction genre may indeed by the last frontier of paranormal romance. I am definitely pleased to see more and more novels released in this category, especially when they are as fine as this one. While the focus was definitely on the romance, the plot was much more complicated than one might have expected. Ms. Barry only dropped small pieces of the puzzle at a time to keep the reader intrigued and turning pages until the whole story came together at the end. The imagery was dazzling. I hope to see more books by this amazing new author in the very near future.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 14, 2003


Life on Earth was just getting interesting for Tess MacKenzie. She'd postponed her singing career to support the family business and after eight long years, she finally earned her chance to shine. Her band was hot, her songs were rocking and Tess was on her way to becoming a star.

Things were definitely looking up.

That is until Cohl Travers, alien extraordinaire, swoops out of the night sky and snatches her off her planet. When he says he desperately needs her voice for a dangerous cosmic mission and the fate of two planets hangs on her song, she figures one of them is in for some serious therapy. Tess soon finds herself up to her neck in smelly bad guys, a robot with a superiority complex, an ancient Amulet that could end her singing career permanently and a man who can burn her from the inside out.

Cohl Travers thought he was free and clear of his destiny to become the next ruler of his planet. But when the warring Trakas abduct his father and hold him hostage for the Amulet, Cohl is dragged back to a fate he does not want with a woman he cannot ignore.

Together, they might defeat the Trakas -- but what is Cohl supposed to do about the feelings that Tess has unearthed in him?


(Unforgettable series - Book 1)
by C. J. Barry

Love Spell
May 1, 2003
Available: October 30, 2006
ISBN #0505525402
EAN #9780505525406
320 pages
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