"love story with an intriguing mystery and reincarnation"

Cassie Elliot, former child genius and recluse, writes romantic novels under the pen-name Renata Trotter. She's had eight successful books, all historicals, and her publisher is darned if he'll see her throw away her career on a new book that is a modern novel, taking place just thirty years earlier. In fact, Jonathan Paxton is so adamant about it that he discovers the identity of his mysterious authoress and comes to her house to talk sense into her. Unfortunately for him, he and Cassie feel an instant connection that grows in spite of their animosity, until the only thing the pair can think about is how they can be together. Cassie has major concerns though, because her books generally come to her in her dreams and she's afraid that Jonathan will think she's crazy when he finds out.

When Cassie's grandmother takes ill, it is Jonathan who uses his great wealth and connections to locate the only doctor who can save her life and flies both Cassie and her grandmother to New York City for the operation. It's a success, and Cassie returns to Jonathan's apartment, ultimately ending up a permanent resident in his bed and his life. In spite of her fears, Cassie decides to marry him, but the honeymoon is barely over when Jonathan discovers Cassie's unfinished manuscript and realizes that the thirty year old murder mystery Cassie is writing is none other than the story of the murder of his beloved aunt. At first he buys the explanation that the well- publicized crime was something that Cassie must have read about, but soon another explanation arises when his psychiatrist friend Kyle hypnotizes Cassie and discovers that all of Cassie's books were stories of actual women, the women she used to be. Cassie's literary career is the result of nine reincarnations, Kate, Jonathan's aunt being the last of them.

But unlike the historical books, most of the major players in Kate's story are still around. Only her husband Adam is dead, a suicide who had left a note pleading forgiveness for his wife's murder. But did Adam really do it, or was his death a cover-up for the real murderer? Cassie's dreams haven't shown her the truth yet, but she'd getting closer to the end of the book and the ultimate exposure of the criminal who's stayed hidden all this time.

This was a well-done love story with an intriguing mystery that's solved through a woman's visions of the past. Cassie is mostly unaware of her past selves, and Kyle and Jonathan avoid telling her, wanting to protect her as much as possible. One of the issues Jonathan must face is that it's possible that when Cassie finishes her last book and her souls become integrated, the new woman she'll be won't love him, but that doesn't stop him from helping her.

Cassie is a troubled woman, who doesn't have so much a split personality but a fractured soul. She needs to finish her writing to heal herself. In the beginning her character seems disturbed, first belligerent, then timid, attracted to Jonathan but fearful as well. Once she settles into her relationship with her husband, that ends and instead we see another Cassie, kind and gentle and who goes out of her way to get along with Jonathan's generally unpleasant family and the servants in his home.

Cassie loves her husband but will their love survive the truth when her book is finished. That's the question.

Janet Miller, Author Copyright 2003
ForPNR Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted April 13, 2003


A Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick Award Winner!!

Cassie Elliot doesn't know her best selling historical novels aren't fiction, but the stories of her eight previous lives. When she begins writing a murder mystery set in the 1970s, she has no idea that it's her own death she's recounting. The murderer discovers Cassie's secret and it becomes a race to see if she can finish writing the story before the killer can murder her one more time.


Shades of Yesterday
by Susan Grace

June 1, 2003
Available: November 11, 2006
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