"A young adult novel that will be enjoyed by all"

SKYBOUNCE is a mystical journey that takes the reader to many different planes and places of the universe. Hesper, a winged girl befriends a young Minotaur and together they learn to balance their weaknesses to each others strengths. The two friends know that association with each others race is strictly prohibited but that does not stop them until the Council on Hesper's world realizes she is meeting with the "boytour". Hesper gets sent to another dimension but not before her best friend vows to one day find her. Throughout the journey, the two travel to many universal planes to not only find the differences between all creatures, but the vast differences between themselves.

Can the dramatic changes between the two friends tear them apart? Or will the bond they share challenge all and rise above the differences? Although this book is geared more toward an audience of 6th through 8th graders, I found it refreshing to read and yes, the story line does show that many can be racist without even knowing it.

Reviewed by Theresa Norman
Posted April 13, 2003


Sky Bounce
by Deanna Miller

May 15, 2003
ISBN #0972542418
210 pages
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