"vampire lore with unexpected touches of humor"

Gabrielle Warlick is an unusual vampire. Having lost her love in the Blood Wars, she is determined to feed only from animals, to prevent further bloodshed between mortal and immortal. In doing so, she has lost much of her preternatural power. She has lived alone, separated from both her vampire brethren and the mortals she has grown to love, only to lose far too often.

Preston Adams is a reluctant vampire hunter. His family has, for generations, fulfilled their quest to hunt and destroy the undead. The cost to his family has been tremendous, with many deaths both directly and indirectly related to their "calling".

When Preston is informed by his grandfather that he must hunt down and destroy Gabrielle, (his first hunt), he reluctantly agrees. During the preparation, he realizes that Gabrielle is not a monster, but instead is a lovely, lonely creature who does not deserve the fate decreed by his family. Determined to rescue her, he confronts her with the knowledge that she is next on his family's list. Selling her silver, they run.

Both Gabby and Preston are seen as traitors to their own kind. And as events unfold, and their love develops, they realize that their love was intended to be eternal. Heaven itself meant for these two to be together. With death pressing on all sides, how will there ever be a future for these two star-crossed lovers?

This was a wonderful vampire story. Ms. Dartt wraps vampire lore up with religious imagery and unexpected touches of humor. (Charlton Heston has a walk on part.....) The hero and heroine are well drawn and I would love to see a follow up book developing the supporting characters. Bravo, for a job well done.

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted April 12, 2003


Gabrielle Warlick is a vampire. Preston Adams comes from a long line of vampire hunters. How can they hope to find a life together--when both their clans are against them?

Also available in e-book format from Amber Quill Press, ISBN: 1592790178

Originally released in e-book format by Dark Star Publications (September 2000); ISBN:192903458X


Enemy Mine
by Jewel Dartt

Amber Quill Press
November 1, 2002
ISBN #1592799833
EAN #9781592799831
Paperback (reprint)
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