"classical good vs. evil Werewolf tale"

Dr. Hadden McNeal loves his bride-to-be, Miranda Slate. His love is true, and strong, which is the only reason he doesn't just write her off when she leaves him at the altar. He knows there must be a reason. He has no idea how extraordinary that reason will be.

Miranda loves Hadden enough not to risk his life when she discovers her legacy. Her natural mother was a werewolf, and she has inherited the trait. And while there is a wild freedom to running under the moon, the lust to kill is almost overwhelming. Friends are not prey...but if Miranda cannot control the killing lust, she will lose everything.

To make matters worse, the werewolf who was promised to wed her mother has waited these many years to complete the contract with Miranda. He has no remorse, no feelings for humans, and no intention of losing. Miranda will be his.

This book approaches the werewolf tales from a more classical stance: good vs. evil. Ms. Dartt does an excellent job detailing the horror of being out of control, and a risk to everything you cherish. She fills in the story with the pack's history and with Miranda's mother's journal. Hadden is strong, protective, and very determined. Though darker than I anticipated, the book resounds with hope and promise. The main characters are believable, and the secondary characters add color and tone to a new version of the old tale.

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted April 12, 2003


Can a doctor forget logic and enter a world of the supernatural to save the woman he loves from the darkness of her heritage?

On the night before she is to marry the man of her dreams, Miranda Slate finds out the shocking truth of her heritage. A heritage so dark and terrifying that she calls off the wedding, retreating from the world. For she is the last of her line...a line of werewolves that trace their beginnings back to the dawn of mankind. Miranda is more frightened than she's ever been in her life. She can't turn to the man she loves, for nothing he or anyone else can do will halt the horrifying changes she's going through.


Moonlight Legacy
by Jewel Dartt

Amber Quill Press
January 11, 2003
ISBN #1592799620
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