"A sensual and sensitive romantic suspense"

What do you get when you mix an heiress on the run for her life and hiding amongst the underprivileged in Florida, and talented high-fashion model's photographer from New York determined to track down the woman who's been haunting his dreams for three years? You get the premise for this heartfelt and intriguing paranormal romance.

Nicolina (Nikki) Madsen has lived among the wealthy and privileged most of her life before she is seriously burned trying to rescue her mother from a car bomb that takes her mother's life in the resulting fire. Co-heir to millions for which she suspects is enough of a motive for her inept older brother to commit murder, Nikki strikes out on her own, to the safety and anonymity of the streets to live among the homeless.

Hundreds of miles and several states away in New York, Adrian Wilde is struck by lightning during a photo shoot on the beach. Clinically dead when his heart stops for several minutes, Adrien's soul drifts during the instant of the car explosion and connects with Nikki's. From this point on, he is driven to find (and ultimately rescue) the woman he will come to dub "Madam Blue".

Three years after the lightning strike and car explosion, most of Adrian's waking, but more importantly sleeping, moments are yet plagued by visions of "Madam Blue" and of harm coming to the strange woman he knows so well, though he has yet to met. He knows that their futures are in some way linked.

Despite a lifetime of skepticism, he seeks out the counsel of a spiritualist aunt and is soon convinced that he must find "Madam Blue" before something terrible can befall her.

Adrian undertakes a mission that seems only doomed to failure, breaking personal and professional ties -- specifically with his live-in lover, a beautiful fashion model in New York -- and ventures to Florida in search of his soul mate. But he soon realizes that keeping safe a woman who looks at strangers, especially him, with a jaundiced eye, and who doesn't want or believe she needs protection, is no small task. None of this, however, stops him from infiltrating Florida's homeless ranks as had Nikki, and finally meeting and falling in love with the vulnerable, but talented photographer in her own right. If only love and desire could easily conquer all doubt and suspicion.

Once again Ms. Wainscott has succeeded in penning a sensual and sensitive romantic suspense not to be missed by fans of the genre.

Gracie McKeever, Author

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted April 12, 2003


Narrowly surviving an automobile explosion, fragile Nikki Madsen now lives incognito among the homeless of West Palm Beach, Fla. At the exact moment Nikki's car blew up, fashion photographer Adrian Wilde was struck by lightning in Hawaii. In a bizarre confluence of life and death, their souls melded; now he's haunted by visions of a woman whose face he can't see until he goes to Florida on a shoot and she wanders into the frame. Adrian discovers that Nikki is running from a killer and fearful of strangers.


Dreams of You
by Tina Wainscott

St. Martin's Press
October 1, 1996
ISBN #0312959796
EAN #9780312959791
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