"Intriguing Historical Romantic Suspense"

Chambercombe Manor is known for its ghostly visits in the night. Known for its cold chills and scary dark corners, but when someone or something starts trying to kill Olivia's father, she decides to put an end to all of the nonsense. Olivia enlists the help of Dr. Harrison Pell. Dr. Pell is no ordinary doctor though. He is trained with the Society for Psychical Research and also trained with Scotland Yard.

As the two misfits fight the attraction they have for one another, they soon find out that there are illegal happenings going on in the caverns by the sea not far from the mansion. But do these illegal excursions have anything to do with the murder attempts on her father? Is Dr. Pell really interested in Olivia or just bidding his time until the culprit is found? Is Olivia really attracted to Dr. Pell or could she possibly be the one attempting to kill her father who is actually a very cruel man? Most of all, who are the ones doing illegal things in the caverns? Are they human, or are they spirits?

This historical tale takes you for a wonderful "who dun it" spin and will have you changing your mind more than once on who or what are The Moonrakers!

Reviewed by Theresa Norman
Posted April 12, 2003


heir romance seems as doomed as the clashing forces of Victorian England itself—science versus spirit, propriety against compassion, appearance over truth. But there's a plaintive cry for understanding under the surface of the cool, capable investigator that rends Olivia deBaine's soft heart and draws her to him like a scone draws Devonshire cream. Nor has Harrison Pell ever met a woman like the lady of the Manor, full of spirit and life, warmth and healing. Not even the shocking evidence he uncovers while investigating the attacks on her father's life can keep him away.

Despite secrets and deceit, harsh accusations and ancient evil forces, Olivia and Harrison battle to save those in their care, while treading the treacherous path to one another. Just when their future seems assured, Harrison learns what must turn him away forever. On the rocky cliffs of Devon, the two struggle, grasping for the shattered glass of a moonraking mirror. Will its broken surface reflect a relationship that has grown strong enough to hold their differences, or merely shards that kill?


The Moonrakers
by Eleanor Sullo

Wings e-Press
March 1, 2003
ISBN #159088941X
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