"A wonderful conclusion to a unique Romantic Fantasy!"

DAYSPRING DESTINY is the second part of the story begun in DAYSPRING DAWNING.

Elinna Serru, a strong psiborn, had followed her lifelong ambition, to enter the House of Lohenrin and learn the ways of The Power. She had had the purest of motives, to learn to use the khi power to heal the people of her island continent of Atlaua. But she had learned that her tutors, the demiurges known as the S'hazons, had feet of clay.

Though they had relieved Gaea of war, disease, and hunger for a thousand years, their motives for doing so were not as pure. Once these gods that she had put her faith in had been flesh and blood creatures. Now they wished to experience the physical sensations once more. They had spent generations selectively breeding the psiborn, in hopes of creating a generation strong enough in mind and body to survive a Joining. Elinna had accidentally uncovered the plot when she'd been asked to investigate the S'hazons by Hasmonea, who had once shared her ambitions but who had since turned her faith to the ancient Sky Gods; and by Mesor, royal Inheritor to the Regen Azakenaz, who placed his faith in no god. Hasmonea had been her lifelong friend, Mesor the man she had come to love. She had hoped to end their skepticism, but instead she found betrayal.

Her discovery had stepped up the S'hazons' plan to move the cream of the House to an alternate Gaea, in another dimension. Elinna had been told that a comet would strike their world in ten years time. Even the powerful S'hazons were helpless to change its path. They would go and take the adepts with them, to survive and populate a new world. Elinna, though disillusioned, believed The Power was the way to save her world. She would stay behind, build a new House with those who chose to remain, and find a way to stop the comet from destroying all she loved.

Five years have passed, five years of single minded dedication to finding a solution, five wasted years, for she had made no headway, and the people of Atlaua were losing faith in the House. Disease and hunger had returned, and now war threatened. The followers of the ancient Sky Gods were becoming stronger. Elinna is forced to reexamine her priorities. Through Dreams of Knowledge, provided by the Sky Gods, she discovered her mistake. Elinna and the members of the House of Lohenrin could not do this alone. Unity was the answer. She had severed her ties to both Hasmonea and to Mesor, to concentrate her energies on the pressing crisis. Now she realized how empty her life had been, without their love and support. She needed them, and her dreams had revealed that her mission would not succeed without the aid of the Sky God worshippers, the warriors, and the diplomats. It would take all of them working together to avert the impending calamity. The key was in the Heart Stone, an ancient record left behind by the Sky Gods for future races, for they too had once been flesh and blood beings. The stone had been entrusted to the Temple worshippers, but could only be interpreted by one with The Power. It would take a leap of faith the share the relic. But to everyone's surprise the Heart Stone is also divided. Can it be that the humans of their world are not alone in their need to unite? Will the newly united people of Atlaua find the answer before it is too late?

DAYSPRING DESTINY brings this tale to a most satisfying conclusion. Lovers of Science Fiction and Suspense will enjoy the twists and turns as Ms. Berry leads Elinna and her people to a happily ever after. Romance enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Elinna does not let love pass her by after all - A most unique and heartwarming story, that I highly recommend. Look for THE SECRET SKY, Aren Lohenrin's story that began it all, in 2004.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 11, 2003


Dayspring Destiny is the sequel to Dayspring Dawning. On an alternate earth called Gaea, Elinna Serru will face new tests of her mastery of the Power.

For thousands of years the fate of humankind has been mysteriously interwined with the demiurges that have ruled over the island kingdom of Atlaua -- first the Sky Gods, then the S'hazons. But these demigods have their own secrets, hidden ages ago in the Heart Stone.

Many adepts have attempted to read the Heart Stone in the past. But all have failed. Now Elinna Serru must wrest the truth from its crystal depths, for the fate of the House depends on the knowledge it conceals.

Gaea's children are split between two worlds, and both worlds may be doomed unless someone can bridge the gap and reunite humanity. Will the Heart Stone show the way? In Dayspring Destiny, Elinna Serru will face her greatest test, a test not of the Power but of her heart and soul.

Dayspring Destiny will be released in e-book and paperback in December of 2002 at

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Dayspring Destiny
by Jeanine Berry

Double Dragon
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1554041236
EAN #9781554041237
294 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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