"Deb Stover cooks up more romance for the magical Mulligans"

For generations Caisleάn Dubh had been cursed, as had the Mulligan family, until they had boarded it up and moved to the cozy cottage where Maggie had grown up. The curse had been the result of inconsolable grief. Young Bronagh for whom the village of Ballybronagh had been named, had fallen in love with Aidan Mulligan, then lost him to his sense of duty. He had married another and she had taken her life. Sineάd had willed the same grief upon the Mulligans, until the time when the pair was properly united in another life. That curse had ended when Brigit had come to Ireland and married Maggie's brother Riley. Or had it? The family had moved back into their castle where Brigit had opened her restaurant Mulligan Stew. So why was Maggie, fresh out of university, so reticent to call the castle home? Why was she now hearing the whispers that had ceased for Riley when he'd found his true love?

Known legend had not revealed all, for the family tragedy had truly begun with another pair of star-crossed lovers. Once Sineάd had given her body, heart, and soul, to her one true love. But though Fergus returned her love, he had loved the church more. He had turned from her and become a priest, and he had stood on that duty when he'd refused a Christian burial for Sineάd's beloved Bronagh. Her fury had known no bounds. Never would he know that the girl had not been her orphaned niece, but the child born out of their one moment of passion. He had begged her not to damn herself with the spell, but to no avail. She had unleashed the curse that would bring tragedy to future generation of Mulligans. In the end he could not save her soul, or her life.

Nick Desmond was no stranger to duty, or to tragedy. For him they had walked hand in hand. He had followed his father into the NYC police force. As a vice squad detective, his first assignment had been to bring down the Fazzini crime family. Nick had been warned to turn the other way, or he would loose what he loved most. But Nick was a honest as the Desmond men before him. and it had cost him dearly. The price had been his father's life, and his job, but he would have his revenge. He would bring Fazzini down without a badge. Of course he had to make a living in the meantime. In fact that was what his meeting with the mysterious Mrs. F was all about.

To Nick's surprise, Mrs. F turns out to be Mrs. Angelo Fazzini, mother of his nemesis. Maureen Fazinni has a daring scheme up her sleeve, and having done her research she has concluded that Nick would make the perfect bodyguard for her venture. The Irish born Mrs. F had fallen in love with an American soldier and had made a life with him before discovering his secrets. Their son had followed her husband into the family business. When her granddaughter was born, Maureen had begged Angelo, Jr., to change his ways. He had refused, and soon thereafter Erin had been kidnapped. She had never been found. Now Mrs. F was prepared to fake her death and make a life with the child she had hidden from her son. Nick was to help them settle into the Irish town his own ancestor's had hailed from, in exchange for the evidence he need to put Angelo Jr. behind bars. It was an offer too good to refuse.

Thus Nick finds himself in Ballybronagh. There his job is so easy that he almost feels guilty about his lucrative paycheck. In fact his masquerade as the nephew of Maureen O'Shea and her granddaughter Erin has become very complicated. They were quickly filling the empty space in his heart where his lost family had once dwelled. A certain attractive school teacher had caught his eye as well. She was quickly becoming an obsession. Now he was hearing voices. The one he identified as good, urged him to save her, the evil voice was definitely a threat. Was he going insane? Or had he discovered a more pressing need, than his thirst for revenge?

Wow! If you enjoyed MULLIGAN STEW you will love MULLIGAN MAGIC. This story is a heady blend of romance, suspense, and intrigue. As with Brigit and Riley, Nick and Maggie are soulmates, with all those lovely implications. Paranormal lovers will enjoy learning more about the castle curse and the ghosts of the past, while getting a taste of a modern magick in the bargain. The battle between good and evil will keep you in your seat until the last page is read. All the threads now seem to be wrapped up in a tidy little bow, however I found Maggie's Wiccan friend to be a very intriquing character. Although I was sad to hear that this would be the last book of the Irish Eyes series, I hope Ms. Stover can find a venue for Ailish, perhaps in a paranormal line. I highly recommend this gripping magical tale of second chances.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 10, 2003


Mulligan fans will also enjoy "A Mulligan Christmas", a gift from Deb Stover!

Mulligan Magic:

Maggie Mulligan was thrilled to be back in Ballybronagh, surrounded by her lively Irish clan. All she wanted was to raise enough money to keep the local school open so she could keep her teaching job. So why was she suddenly preoccupied with the mysterious new American who recently arrived in Ballybronagh?

Working undercover had taken former New York City police detective Nick Desmond to Ballybronagh, where he planned to gather enough evidence to take down his father's killer. But it wasn't long before Nick felt torn between his long- held yearning for revenge and his owverwhelming desire for the beaturiful schoolteacher. If he wasn't careful, his longing for Maggie would overtake him, generating repercussion that were far mor dangerous than his original mission.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghost

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Mulligan Magic
(Mulligan: Book 2)
by Deb Stover

Jove (Irish Eyes)
April 1, 2003
Available: March 25, 2003
ISBN #0515135119
EAN #9780515135114
306 pages
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