"An engaging romantic fantasy filled with action and suspense"

On the Balance, though lifemates living together for the past couple of months, Diana and Win are still going down opposite paths. Diana the Adept, skilled in numerous Magick, detests the Goddess; Win the Mage is a dedicated servant to the Goddess. United in sharing their magical power makes them quite a force, but their dichotomous beliefs keep them from being all they can be.

Diana dreams of a female apprentice kidnapped from the Ocean Magick Balance Stronghold. She and Win journey there only to learn that the stronghold's guardian has lost his magical powers. Win serves as the temporary guardian, but because Diana has not dedicated herself to the Goddess, she cannot serve as his Priestess. As Diana further envisions an abused victim and meets family members for the first time, she begins to better understand her unhappy childhood. Meanwhile her skills expand way beyond the norm, but will she dedicate herself to the Goddess like her lifemate has or remain bitter and angry, or is there some other destiny awaiting her?

MORE THAN MAGICK returns readers to the Balance (see MAGICK) with its an engaging romantic fantasy filled with action and suspense, but owned by Diana. As she matures (in a coming of age sort of way), the lead character struggles with her beliefs vs. that of her lifemate. This enables the audience to better comprehend what motivates the Adept and indirectly Win, as the world of the Balance becomes a genuine feeling locale, filled with Magick and more. This didactic romantic fantasy leaves readers with a deep desire to see more winning adventures from that adept mage Mary Taffs.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 10, 2003


Diana can't forgive Goddess; Win can't forget that Diana's an Adept. When evil threatens the Balance, will the lifemates need more than magick?

More Than Magick is the stand-alone sequel to EPPIE2003 Finalist Magick. The highly-acclaimed fantasy romance Magick follows Diana into the world of the Balance, where magick is used to uphold good in the service of Goddess. There Diana learns she has previously-unsuspected magickal ability, and that Win, the Mage who's been protecting her, is her lifemate, the other half of her soul.

More Than Magick continues Diana's journey. She and Win are now lifemates, but the Balance is still a puzzling and disturbing world to her. Will she ever truly fit in? Does she even want to?

Meanwhile, Win has challenges of his own. The job of his dreams is now his, and he must learn to deal with a whole new set of responsibilities while his Stronghold is in danger. A Guardian has lost his magick and a young woman has been kidnapped. Are these events related, and what is their significance?

Win and Diana must find these answers. They also must discover the incredible power of their lifemate bond.


More Than Magick
(Magick Series - Book II)
by Mary Taffs

April 1, 2003
ISBN #1587493780
EAN #9781587493782
191 pages
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