"Can two strong persoanlites find the love they need?"

If you are reading this review, you have access to a computer. If you have a computer, you should go immediately to New Concepts Publishing and download this book. Autumn Dawn's book, Ride the Stars, is a superlative example of why this genre is going nova!

Jaide Calanarie has no use for men; None whatsoever. She has been betrayed (or ignored, which is worse) by all the men in her life. She refuses to experience emotional attractions; relying on a special tea to turn "off" her hormones. Problem solved. She is a top notch pilot and augmenter, totally focused on work and getting out of debt.

Skye D'rath is a Dragonlord. The Draconian race settled in Antarctica when their planet was destroyed. They are arrogant, impatient, reclusive and overly protective of women.

Skye meets Jaide when his Captain approaches her partner to hire her for a special augmentation to their ship. When the ladies don't sign the contract immediately, they kidnap them. (Did I mention that Dragonlords are arrogant and impatient?) The fun is just beginning.

Jaide is a spunky, scared, defiant, hurt, intelligent woman who longs to be loved. Skye is all Alpha. He is sexy, sharp and cunning, yet honorable. He chases criminals and spies, while trying to protect Jaide. Of course she wants to help him and has no patience with staying still and being protected. Both are extremely accomplished at getting their own way. Skye and Jaide's relationship strikes sparks off the stars.

This book is both hilarious and heart wrenching. I read it breathlessly and was impressed by the depth of the characters portrayed. The Draconians are wonderful and I want one of my very own. This book is a keeper, and when it comes out in paperback, I will plunk my money down and take to keep and one to addict others with.

Gina Duvall Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted April 9, 2003


Augmenter Jaide Calanarre has three goals: to be debt free, stable, and free of men. Being kidnapped with her partner by a crazy band of Draconians doesn't fit in with her plans. Neither does Skye D'rath.

Skye wasn't looking for a woman to complicate his life. Meeting Jaide changed all that in a hurry. Fire lurked just underneath the surface of the independent, quarrelsome woman, and he knew the right man could set it loose. He was confident he was up to the job.

But there's more to worry about for Jaide than fending off Skye's determined pursuit and revving up his captain's ship. Someone wants to kill her, her partner is falling for the captain of their captors, and she's beginning to suspect there's more to their abduction then meets the eye. As everything she thought she knew is turned upside down, dare she overcome her distrust of men and reach for a love as powerful as the chance to Ride the Stars.


Ride the Stars
by Autumn Dawn

New Concepts Publishing
December 15, 2002
ISBN #1586080687
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