"A roller coaster ride to the end..."

What would you do?

You're jogging along minding your own business when a pack of huge hellhounds appears out of nowhere, and they're hungry. Quist and Mac Craigen and Zander Brody barely escape with all their parts when it happens to them. The beasts are after Zander and they are going to keep coming till he's dead. Now these three friends need to find out why.

As if they didn't have enough problems dealing with that, their stay at the hospital has raised a few questions and caused the trio to face a few personal revelations. Just because you have blood that glitters, pointy ears and a very fast metabolism doesn't mean you are elves. Everybody sees faces in plants and trees and the man on the moon. So you have precognitive dreams, are addicted to cinnamon sticks, get drunk on citrus and attract animals (Okay so the flock of dragons was a bit weird). It's just a genetic anomaly, if you were elves your parents would have told you so...right?

Not according to Ben Lowry, a doctor who - thanks to Zander - now finds himself in the same situation.

This was a fabulous story, it gripped me from the very first line and took me on a roller coaster ride to the end. The first chase scene in particular gave me chills. The writing throughout was so real I felt as if I was there with Zander, Quist, Mac and Ben - not necessarily a good thing when they are running for their lives from vicious hellhounds and other nightmare creatures. N.D. Hansen-Hill keeps this thrilling tale moving at a fast pace to a very satisfying finale, leaving me eager to read more of the adventures of these reluctant elves.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted April 9, 2003


"The only way to take charge of your destiny is to create it." His father's words. Alexander Brody was sure he had everything under control, including his "destiny". Andrew Brody's rather cryptic reference had no real bearing on his future... Until the day hellhounds sprang from nowhere to hunt him down--and creatures the Earth had never seen marked him for death. Zander can no longer ignore his father's warning, any more than he can ignore the traits which distinguish him from other men. Zander is discovering he has a new destiny to face, but first he must determine who - and what - he is.


Elf - Book One of The Elf Chronicles
by N. D. Hansen-Hill

Parade Books
September 1, 2002
ISBN #0958243603
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