"Wonderful Reincarnation Time-Travel"

Little did Keefe and Tara know how their lives would change when they agreed to this blind date. Keefe thought it would be interesting to go on a wagon ride. He wanted to see how Tara would react to something a little bit out of the ordinary. Neither of them realized how unordinary this date would turn out to be!! They were just starting to get acquainted when they felt something hit the side of the wagon and their driver toppled off. The wagon stopped and Keefe, realizing that they were being attacked jumped off and quickly called to Tara to get down off the wagon. After standing frozen for seconds she hurried to climb down tripping over her long skirt. Her long skirt? She was wearing jeans! She stumbled to the side of the wagon where someone was crouching over the dead driver. He turned as Tara approached and started talking. It wasn't Keefe!! But he had Keefe's voice!! Keefe was startled as well. It wasn't Tara standing there but a blonde haired 18 years old!!

They followed the mules hoping they would lead them to someone who could help. They stumbled across a log cabin and finding no one home, decided it was as good a place as any to stay the night until they figured out what had happened to them. The next morning they get a visitor who seems to recognize them! As the days pass they have to figure out a way to go back without letting their neighbors realize that they are not who every one thinks they are!!

What a wonderful book. The storyline is great and the author really lets the reader see what it would be like living so far in the past! Some time travels don't explore the everyday pitfalls about going back in time but C.J. Winters does an excellent job. Most people romanticize history but I'm glad we have electricity and running water!! The mystery of who was after them was a surprise and kept you guessing till the end. Can Nels (Keefe) and Ivy (Tara) hide their growing attraction to each other? To find out if Keefe and Tara make their way back and what they do about their attraction which gets worse every day you'll have to read the book. I highly recommend this time travel.

Sophie Murphy Copyright 2003 for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted April 9, 2003


Anything can happen on a blind date under a full moon in the Ozarks. Including murder... While on a hayride, Keefe and Tara, an urban couple, are transported back to the same rural setting in 1884, into the bodies and identities of a farm couple more than twenty years their junior. They are shocked by their immediate problems-- identity crises, a killer with a crossbow, survival on a subsistence farm, and neighbors who've known them since childhood. Then things get complicated...


Moon Night
by C. J. Winters

Hard Shell Word Factory
April 1, 1999
ISBN #0759901155
227 pages
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