"A Perfect Blend of Science Fiction and Romance"

Sauscony Valdoria and Jaibriol Qox II, each the designated heir to their warring interstellar empires, had left the world they'd known behind to be together. The shocked world had witnessed their "deaths" and had grieved for them. Only a select few knew that they'd not died. Instead they had done the unthinkable, they had married aboard the ship that had carried them to sanctuary.

Adapting to life on a deserted planet had not been easy, but love had gotten them through the worst of it. They had made a family, four beautiful children, who were the best of both of them. They were happy. Unfortunately Eden always comes seems to come with a serpent.

Over the past fifteen years, the Eubians have not given up trying to gain access to the Skolweb, the one thing that gives their vastly outnumbered enemies, the Skolians, the edge in their war against them. The tide may be turning in their favor, as they've captured the new Skolian heir, Althor.

When both Imperator Skolia and Emperor Qox are killed in battle, both sides are in need of leadership. Unfortunately the Eubians have discovered that Jaibriol still lives. They are determined to recover him and restore him to the throne. Though to the rest of the world the new Emperor appears to be in command, Jabriol is in truth and unwilling puppet, helpless to protect those he loves. His captors know the truth of his origins. He is vulnerable to torture.

A new leader emerges among the Skolians as well. Having secreted the children safely on Earth, Soz will stop at nothing to get Jaibriol back.

As with Ms. Asaro's other works, this story is rich in multi dimensional characters and unlikely heroes. We see Soz as a loving wife and mother as well as unstoppable warrior queen, and Jabriol as a man of courage, determined not to give his loved ones away no matter what he must suffer. We watch as Jabriol's "mother", is torn between unaccustomed emotion for a son and ingrained Highton doctrine. We empathize as one Skolian heir is broken, but still retains the essence of the man he has always been. We watch a child grow up overnight, to become a man who would have made his parents proud. In addition Ms. Asaro treats us to fascinating and believable technology, making this work the perfect blend of science fiction and romance. Bravo!

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 27, 2001


Suascony and Jaibriol, each heir to an interstellar empire, have become entangled in the machinations of the Skolian Empire. With much of civilization poised on the brink of extinction, the devotion of these two lovers might just forge a new order.


The Radiant Seas
(Skolian Empire: Book 4)
by Catherine Asaro

Tor Books
November 1, 1999
ISBN #0812580362
EAN #9780812580365
487 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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