"Cleverly Written, Unique Futuristic Romance"

Mid Twenty First Century Earth:

Joy and sorrow follow each other in quick succession as Jonallo's Aazoni Octet discovers the location of his kidnapped birthmate, Zenna. The eight, held together by a psychic bond, had encountered a severe solar storm immediately following translation through a transitory window to the planet Earth. The storm had broken their concentration and scattered the Octet far beyond Jon's psychic reach. Only one small warm light glows in the darkness. Too injured to heal himself, his mind searches for aid. If only he can make the woman come to him.

The dreams are back, a new one this time, yet another manifestation of her deepest desire, to have a child. Lenore had sought refuge from her mental exhaustion in a rustic cabin in the Canadian Rockies, to enjoy mindless pursuits, to escape three years of dreams about the child.....the child that need her help. That dream was gone, replaced by another.

It was a deeply erotic dream, fulfilling a deep desire that she didn't even know she had. Warm, passionate, gloriously handsome...he teased her senses, bring her to the height of desire, then withdrawing from her. "Come to me", he called. Where? She must be going insane to think for even one moment that this was real. Yet the dreams come, like the other, even when she is awake.

She is compelled to search a mountain cavern that she and her best friend had discovered as children. Empty, just as she knew it would be. She would spend the remainder of the night in it's shelter, before returning to her real home in the city. So much for escape from stress!

Morning does not find her alone. A beautiful and badly injured man is sharing the cave, sharing her mind -- a stranger.....yet not. He is Jonallo, of Aazonia, a galactic law enforcement officer, leader of the Octet sent to apprehend a cosmic drug dealer, who had poisoned souls throughout the galaxy. The criminal had kidnapped Jon's twin sister over three years ago, taking with him the experimental telepathy enhancer she'd been developing. The enhancer allowed him to translate without an Octet, through smaller and less stable windows, making it easier for him to travel between Earth and Aazonia, to reap and distribute the botanicals used to formulate the addictive chemicals.

Though she finds it all hard to swallow, there is something about Jonallo that makes it impossible to refuse him. She feels a deep connection. It is as if she's always known him, known of his kind. Connection is what Lenore has missed all her life, having been abandoned by her mother, left behind with a distant, unaffectionate father. Time is of the essence, the window they had traveled through would soon close, not to reopen for another decade. She would help him find his Octet.

But then he would leave, wouldn't he, leaving her emptier than ever before?

WHISPERS ON THE WIND is a story that makes you want to love, and in life on other worlds. The bond between Jonallo and Lenore is inspirational, as is their courage, honor, and their willingness to sacrifice their own happiness for the good of others. The well deserved happy ending will bring tears to the eyes. Highly recommended.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 27, 2001


A futuristic romance with a life-guard-gorgeous very human looking alien with some...interesting talents...


Whispers On The Wind
by Judy Gill

Love Spell (Timeswept)
May 1, 2001
ISBN #050552435X
EAN #9780505524355
315 pages
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