"A beautiful story"

Thirty-one years old Delilah still lives with her parents in their mini-mansion in Key West and works as a waitress even though she has a bachelor's degree. She sees the man living in her parents' guesthouse but she knows they have no commitment to one another. When her mother locates her biological mother, she is afraid to meet her so she sends Delilah to Brentville, New York to see what Carla is like.

Delilah's first impression of her grandmother is that of a crusty, independent woman while octogenarian Carla thinks her granddaughter wastes her potential and sets out to do something about it. Delilah meets Jack Brown who fixes things on her grandmother's property. She realizes that he is a deep soul who won't be content with a minor fling. While caring for her grandmother, Delilah starts sleeping with her ex-fiancÚ, who lives in the area, but they can't recapture what they once had. When a tragedy occurs, Delilah finally opens her heart that has been closed since her twin brother died over two decades ago.

SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE is a moving relationship drama starring a protagonist afraid to commit to a relationship. Her visit to her grandmother makes her take stock of what she is not doing with her life. Carla sees herself in her granddaughter, which is why she feels compelled to meddle and despite herself, Delilah comes to see that her grandmother is right. Though some unnecessary coincidence enables additional insight, Barbara Chepaitis has written a poignant family drama.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 10, 2003


From the author of Feeding Christine and These Dreams comes a delightful story of family, love, and life's many unexpected pleasures.

At age thirty-one, Delilah needs a plan. Still living with her parents on their Key West estate, with no career to speak of and a dull relationship with a self-involved artist, she is beginning to feel as if life is sailing swiftly past her. Her sister is living the perfect life with the perfect husband, her father con-tinues to make money off the stock market, and her mother continues to spend it on the latest social cause. Delilah would love to save the world as well -- if only it weren't such an overwhelming task. She longs for inspiration. Little does she know that it will soon come in the shape of Carla, -- a former tiger tamer and Delilah's long-lost biological grandmother. Long-lost, that is, until now.

When Delilah's mother unwittingly discovers the identity of the woman who put her up for adoption years ago, Delilah is enlisted to visit Carla at her dilapidated farmhouse in rural New York. The first meeting does not go well. Aside from her constant gruff commands and occasional meddling in Delilah's love life, Carla barely says a word to her newly discovered granddaughter, who is more like her than either of them would care to admit. Slowly, however, the two are drawn together by the beauty of the land, by the good friends around them, and by a love as unpredictable as life itself. Soon Delilah discovers that saving the world requires the courage to be saved and that truly embracing life means accepting its uncertainty. "Because love was always unpredictable. And slightly out of control."

With her trademark humor and warmth, Barbara Chepaitis tells a wonderful story about one woman's stumble upon happiness in the most unlikely of places. She creates characters that are "genuinely human" (Publishers Weekly) and in so doing reflects our ability to love the world and each other despite our many flaws and failures. Smart, funny, and true, Something Unpredictable is a gem of a novel and one to be dearly treasured.


Something Unpredictable
by Barbara Chepaitis

Atria Books
May 1, 2003
ISBN #0743437527
320 pages
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