"This paranormal historical romance is a delight"

In 1349, Gillian flees into the woods to escape the plague that apparently will kill her mother and younger brother. Shapeshifters Nim Wei and her former mentor and rival Auriclus find Gillian. Both try to recruit the lass to join their pack. Though she prefers the glitter of materialism offered by Nim, she selects Auriclus and his caves. He changes her into one of them, which ages her into adulthood before he dumps her on a pack led by Ulric.

After spending time with the pack, and knowing Ulric wants her as his queen, Gillian leaves, though she cherishes the hunt and making love with her leader. Noble Aimery Fitz Clare catches a falcon that is actually Gillian hiding from her pack, especially her angry former lover and leader. As Gillian falls in love with her gentle handler, she knows how much she endangers her beloved if her pack finds him.

This paranormal historical romance is a delight because the shapeshifters seem very real even when Gillian ages almost instantly. Gillian is a strong lead protagonist though her thirst for human knowledge is not fully explained. Aimery is a compassionate second son whose gentleness is strengthened by his courage. Readers will stay up till midnight finishing Emma Holly's wonderful tale.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted April 15, 2003


Deep in a cave in the Scottish forest live the children of midnight, shapeshifting immortals who can run as both wolves and men. Young Gillian has been rescued by their leader from certain death and transformed into one of them. She would be happy if her heart did not yearn for the world beyond.

Aimery Fitz Clare is human, second son to a noble house, and a master falconer. To him Gillian flees in the guise of a falcon, hoping to escape her immortal keepers. To her surprise, Aimery's kindness is a powerful seduction, and never mind his beauty and warmth! But does she dare embrace this forbidden love, and can it survive her jealous brethren baring their fangs?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire

From the author's website:
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Tightly connected duology featuring Christian Durand (coming in Nov 2010/Jan 2011)
Devil at Midnight
Angel at Noon


Catching Midnight
(Midnight: Book 2)
by Emma Holly

Berkley Pub Group
April 1, 2003
Available: April 29, 2003
ISBN #0515135305
EAN #9780515135305
320 pages
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