"A Highly Sensual Vampire Romance"

This is a story about choices, about relationships inspired by envy and unconditional love.

Medieval England

Poised to flee the only life she'd ever known, these thoughts rolled through rolled through ten-year-old Gillian's mind. She would be alone and unloved, but that was nothing new. Her father had left to join the King in war, without a thought to the daughter he'd left behind. And he had fallen in a far off land, never to see her again. Pestilence had come to London, it would soon claim her infant brother, and her mother as well, for she would not leave him. Gillian had often wished Col dead, to have the care lavished on him for herself. Her mother had admonished her to flee to the woods, far from the disease infested city, to live. But even as she had done so, she had begrudged her the last of their bread, keeping it for the child who would never benefit from its nourishment.

And so she had fled, but as the weary child reach the woods, she realized that she could not survive there. Her last thought before succumbing to exhaustion was that she would die here after all, alone and unloved as always.

She awoke to arguing. It was plain that the pair were arguing over her. They were elders of the upyr - Ariclus and Nim Wei. Auriclus represented what was good among their kind. He and his pack ruled the wild lands, at one with nature. Nim Wei represented the darker side. She and her brood ruled the cities, drank from the humans, and reveled in power. Nim Wei had read the envy and a thirst for knowledge in the child's mind and had claimed her as her own. Auriclus had seen something more in her and desired to add her to his own brood. The choice was to be Gillian's. To choose neither would mean death. With a touch of regret for desires never to be fulfilled, her conscience prods her to choose Auriclus. As was the way with those brought over, Gillian became an adult overnight.

Gillian should not have been surprised that her new sire had soon left her to her own devices. Wasn't this always the way? Still she had the pack, and she had learned much from them. But as was her nature, she wanted more. She had not chosen a familiar among the wolves of the forest as the others had. She had a need to be free, to see the world, and soon made good on plans to escape. It was quite by accident that she found a familiar of her own, an infant falcon. But before she even has a chance to test her wings she is captured by Aimery Fitz Clare.

Aimery was the second son of the house of Bridesmere. His half-brother Edmund was lord. The two had an unusual love - hate relationship which had its roots in a long ago battle that had taken place when both men had been in their teens, the battle in which their father had fallen. Their true natures had come to the fore that day. Aimery, a natural leader, had saved the day, while Edmund had hung back. Yet, Edmund was lord and lived daily with the fact that he was a coward. Aimery had emerged a hero, loved by all and subject to uncomfortable worship. Edmund's son adored him, and his wife fancied them as star-crossed lovers. Yet he had not asked for nor wanted any of this. He would have preferred to rule. But while their envy ate at their consciences, they had not allowed it to rule their behavior toward one another.

Gillian finds Aimery kind, gentle, and quite attractive in spite of the scars that marred his beauty. Her curiosity about the man prompts her to take her human form. Though she had not intended it, she is caught yet again. The attraction between them is immediate. Gillian knows she is no good for him, but he is the only person who sees her for who she truly is and loves her anyway. She too sees into his heart like no other. Still he is mortal and if this does not change they must someday part.

Gillian's curiosity is also responsible for accidentally summoning Nim Wei to Bridesmere. Nim Wei sees Gillian's love for the mortal as a weakness to exploit. She hopes to indebt Gillian to her in order to get over on Auriclus. Like Gillian, Nim Wei had once been his child, and she too had been left to find her own way. She had long resented Ariclus's refusal to share his secrets with her. The relationship she establishes with Edmund ultimately leads to tragedy. But when it strikes, Gillian must again decide which elder to turn to. Will she be found worthy of the boon she asks?

It seems strange to compare this highly sensual vampire romance to the children's classic THE WIZARD OF OZ, and yet Gillian is very much like Dorothy wending her way through a strange land in search of something she had within her all along. CATCHING MIDNIGHT is a touching tale of lovers who are all too human, but who are able to rise above their shortcomings to win the day. The ending is one which is sure to satisfy the reader.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted April 3, 2003


Deep in a cave in the Scottish forest live the children of midnight, shapeshifting immortals who can run as both wolves and men. Young Gillian has been rescued by their leader from certain death and transformed into one of them. She would be happy if her heart did not yearn for the world beyond.

Aimery Fitz Clare is human, second son to a noble house, and a master falconer. To him Gillian flees in the guise of a falcon, hoping to escape her immortal keepers. To her surprise, Aimery's kindness is a powerful seduction, and never mind his beauty and warmth! But does she dare embrace this forbidden love, and can it survive her jealous brethren baring their fangs?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire

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Catching Midnight
(Midnight: Book 2)
by Emma Holly

Berkley Pub Group
April 1, 2003
Available: April 29, 2003
ISBN #0515135305
EAN #9780515135305
320 pages
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