"A Fascinating Futuristic Debut rife with Suspense"

The two young Daamen traders strolling the marketplace looked with disgust at the crowd gathering around the slaver's stall, but were borne along with it as the latest offering was presented. The goods were unique indeed, as was indicated by the death mask hiding the outlaw's face - a Reeka Warrior, thought to have been hunted to near extinction. Tales had it that these women were a ruthless breed, who had murdered their mates and male children as well. They were outlaws who had turned mercenary in order to survive.

Yet the woman being sold was young, a mere sixteen, lovely, and wild, if her eyes were any indication of what was in her soul. It was what was in those violet eyes that stirred the young Daamen Captain, Darvk, to an act of compassion. He could not bear that thought of that wild spirit being crushed by a life of rape and torture. Not a man to condone slavery, he shocks his friend Maverk by outbidding a brothel owner for possession of her.

Tenia, who had long since learned not to trust men, saw no difference in her new master. The man had purchased her. He could have no good reason for doing so. She fought the man and his friend tooth and nail, but was already wounded and weak. The men took her aboard their ship and tended to her wounds. In spite of their kindness, and Darvk's reassurances that she was safe, Tenia planned to escape at first opportunity. Her sister warriors were in need of her skills. Somehow she must uncover the truth behind the lies regarding her race, and if she were to die, she would die free.

Unfortunately, Darvk had realized that Tenia would not be safe outside of his care, and leant her no opportunity for escape. Along with his growing attraction for the wild beauty, she had convinced him that the stories regarding her race were false. Adding to his suspicions was the relentless interest of Shari, leader of the Inka Empire, who seemed unnaturally eager to take the troublesome wench off his hands.

In time Darvk succeeded in softening Tenia's heart, but her loyalties were still divided and honor decreed that she escape. Each success however only proved Darvk's assessment of the danger her freedom presented. She was pursued by bounty hunters and Inka soldiers wherever she went. When Darvk steadfastly came to her aid, saving her life time and again, and suffering injury because of her, Tenia found new determination to elude him. Though her heart was breaking, she would not allow the man she has come to love to die in her defense. For Darvk now, there was no life without Tenia. What must he do to win her trust? Could he convince her to allow him to fight by her side, to uncover the truth?

What the pair discovers is a shocking conspiracy spurred by obsessive love and equally obsessive hate. Ms. Verdenius navigates the twists and turns of this complex tale with a consummate skill that will leave the readers on the edge of their seat and begging for more when the story concludes. One has to hope their will be a story for Maverk and Reya, the older sister of Tenia, a woman who has faced unknown terrors. She will be a tough nut to crack, but presents the prospects of another compelling love story. I recommend this excellent futuristic debut.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 31, 2003


Wanted dead or alive, the notorious Reeka Warrior Women were hunted almost to extinction. When an act of compassion resulted in a wounded Reeka leader being in his possession, the Daamen trading captain, Darvk, soon comes to realize that the blood-drenched legends are questionable.

What is the unnatural interest the Inka Empire leader, Shari, has in the Reekas, especially Tenia and her sister? And why is the space-pirate, Sinya, out to capture them? Plunging into a dangerous vortex of treachery, hate and passion, pursued by soldiers, bounty hunters and space- pirates, they race through the Outlaw and Lawful Sectors in search of answers. Love blossoms between Darvk and Tenia, but she can never be free to love--until the shocking truth is finally revealed.


Heart of an Outlaw
(Heart and Soul Series: Book 1)
by Angela Verdenius

Wings e-Press
February 1, 2003
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #1590888553
EAN #9781590888551
354 pages
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