"Complex and Heartwarming Ghost Story"

I have to admit that my experience with ghostly romances is more limited than with some of the other paranormal categories. I did love Lynn Kurland's STARDUST OF YESTERDAY and was therefore very enthusiastic about reading OF MIDNIGHT BORN. I was not disappointed. True to Ms. Cach's style there are dark elements but the ending is most heartwarming.

Clerenbold Keep, England 1350
Serena Clerenbold, and her youngest brother, alone, had survived the black plague that took the lives of her family, servants, and livestock, only to face certain starvation if unable to come up with a plan. Serena is overly tall, her face scarred by an accident. There is no money for a dowry, nor to outfit her remaining brother Thomas to fight under the Black Prince. However Serena does have a plan, a desparate plan.

After much debate she convinces Thomas to help her capture their nearest neighbor, a wealthy widower, whose sons had all perished. True the man was older, ungainly, and unappealing, but Serena wants to live and someday raise a family. Hugh Le Gayne is not pleased, but after several days under lock and key without food and water, he capitulates. The results are deadly.

Le Gayne's Fortress 1809
Fresh from London, ten year old Alex Woden is spending the night camping with his country cousin Rhys in the ruins of a haunted castle. An observant lad, Alex notes a lone tree, a strange version of cherry with unusual blossoms, and he hears a feminine voice whispering his name on the breeze.

It is Alex's first time camping out of doors. He is stout hearted, but Rhys regails him with tales of the resident ghost, who legend says killed her husband on their wedding night. It is said that this is the reason the place came to be called Maiden Castle. Alex's imagination takes hold, making sleep difficult to attain. Waking in darkness, he is attracted to a streak of light, a shooting star, then more, and more.

After attempting to wake his cousin, Alex climbs the highest fragment of ruin to watch. Out of the corner of his eye he catches a different, closer glow. Started by the vision with long pale hair reaching out to him, he looses his balance.

Maiden Castle August, 1832
Alex Wodin is back. The castle had since been rebuilt and Alex, now an amateur astronomer, has set up an all male household within it's walls. A widower, he has shut away all dreams of love and family. He sleeps by day and observes by night, trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe by charting the path of shooting stars.

Serena does not like trespassers. She had grown adept at ridding her property of them in the past. This time should be no different. She especially dislikes men and has no qualms about terrifying servants. Alex is different though. After his attempts to reason with her result in mayhem, he chooses to ignore her efforts to disconcert him. She is intrigued by him. He is handsome, wise, and kind. She remembers the child he once was. There is much she can learn from him.

Indeed her pranks are using up her energy. Materializing causes the most strain. Serena knows that at this rate she will soon leave this existance, but Alex is becoming increasingly dear to her. He is worth any price. She knows this happiness is fleeting, for even now a dark force seeks to hasten her departure from this world.

Alex's family is worried about him, isolating himself in a dreary castle, surrounded by men. They want to see him happily remarried. How can he tell them the only woman he wants has been dead for five hundred years?

I found Alex as charming as Serena obviously did. For herself Serena was a woman ahead of her time, ahead of Alex's time in fact. She is independent, self sufficient, with an incredible thirst for knowledge. Her personality spurs her to act first, consider later. There is considerable humor within the tale to balance the darker moments. I enjoyed the complexity of this story immensely, and perhaps being a scientist myself I enjoyed watching this rational man accept that which is not rational for a most happy conclusion.

Copyright 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


An astronomer returns as an adult to the site where he once glimpsed a vision of beauty and discovers passion in the arms of a five-hundred-year-old ghost.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Historical


Of Midnight Born
by Lisa Cach

September 1, 2000
Available: September 1, 2000
ISBN #050552399X
EAN #9780505523990
368 pages
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