"Original and Believable Time Travel"

A present day American woman named Wilhelmina, Elle for short, is tired of her life, her dead end job, and the losers her dear brother and his wife fix her up with. She's disgruntled with her looks, not being model thin, she has the type of features that were desirable long ago not the plastic perfection expected in these modern times. She despairs ever finding someone who she can love and who will love her.

She proposes that a marriage of convenience is the only kind worth having. All she needs is a man of wealth, and preferably good looks, and she can handle the rest from there. She is being watched, followed by several small elderly, disheveled creatures, presumable homeless and possible deranged. One catches up with her and hands her a grimy coupon that offers a free husband.

Not taking it seriously, she unwittingly redeems it after another particularly disappointing blind date. Little does she know that the wish is the fulfillment of a fairy debt, and that she is about to be whisked into the past to trade places with her look alike, the very wealthy and quite deceased Eleanor Moore, who is about to enter a marriage of convenience with Henry, the impoverished Earl of Allsbrook, a Brittish noble.

Henry had always hoped to marry for love but instead finds himself trading his title for wealth in order to replace his inheritance lost by his late father He is somewhat surprised when Elle is not the girl he'd thought she'd be. His first and only meeting with Eleanor had been most distasteful.

Elle goes along with the wedding, as she believes she will never have one of her own, but figures she can find a way back to her own time before she actually has to experience the honeymoon.

This is not to be. She is sent a dream to show that Eleanor has also taken her place, to be mourned by a grieving brother. Though Elle is attracted to Henry, she doesn't plan to stay and also doesn't want to get pregnant. (Her mother and several other relatives had died in childbirth).

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Henry is puzzled as he expects her to at least do her duty and produce an heir. He proves to be irresistible as time goes by, and Eleanor begins to experiment with birth control. This is rather hilarious.

Henry puzzles over her strange behavior and odd accent, but chalks it up to the severe illness she supposedly had before the wedding. Then then she says something too strange to let go. She claims to be another woman from another time, and other equally unbelievable things. She talks of fairies, and claims she was brought to him by a wish.

He believes perhaps she is homesick, being isolated from her family out in the country. But when her "sister" tells him that this woman is not her sister, he decides that Elle needs more help that he can provide. Fearing that she will be locked away in an asylum, and hurt by Henry's lack of faith in her veracity, she plans her escape back to her own time.

Will Henry figure out the truth before it's too late or will Elle find her way home? Who made the wish that brought Elle to Henry, Elle or someone else, will Elle's family ever find out what really became of her? I liked that for once a time traveler had family that would no doubt miss her. Too often authors grab at the convenient all alone in the world, no one will ever miss them ploy. I don't find that believable. I really like this story. The fantasy aspect was something different and the plot was well carried out in my opinion. Elle wasn't so besotted that she forgot about her own wishes, she remained a 90's woman but it was clear that she was exactly what Henry needed and that she loved him very much. I think the reader will like the ending a great deal.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


In this Heartspell romance, the heartfelt wish of an English earl causes a modern woman to be swept back in time, where fairy magic and true love are the answers to happiness.


The Changeling Bride
by Lisa Cach

Love Spell (Heart Spell)
October 1, 1999
ISBN #0505523426
EAN #9780505523426
320 pages
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