"Fraught with Humor and Passion"

Fans of Lisa's paranormal romances will not be disappointed in her first single title historical. Ms. Cach has a gift for taking dark subject matter, and turning her characters' lives around with humor and passion.

Unable to stand her abusive, loveless marriage any longer, Konstanze has fled to Corwall. Her husband had seemed like a kindly older gentleman when Konstanze had given her dying mother her promise to let him take care of her. Her mother had been an actress, a dubious career choice in the nineteenth century. She had only wished for security and respectability for her only child. Konstanze's husband had changed the moment the ring was on her finger, becoming demanding, possessive, and cruel.

Settling in the village of Penperro, far from her husband's home, she hopes to begin again in relative anonymity. The lives of the villagers are not easy. Most rely on smuggling as opposed to fishing to make ends meet. Naturally the King is not going to stand for that. He has sent the Preventative Water Guard to the village to curtail their illegal activities.

Tom Trewella, himself, had long ago come to Penperro to start a new life. He'd once wanted to be a teacher, now his goal is to ensure that the smuggling continues. He's not about to let a little thing like the King's Guard defeat him.

The man in charge of the guard is an affable, if dimwitted fellow. Tom has no wish to do him harm. Having seen Konstanze voice her joy in song during an exhilarating swim, the man believes he's discovered a mermaid. It is then that Tom hatches a plan to distract the Guard from their smuggling activities.

Tom, aware of Konstanze's true identity, persuades her to play the role. At first she agrees, to protect her anonymity, but as she warms up to the role, she finds that she might share her mother's blood after all. At any rate she needs the money he's offered her. Unfortunately the guardsman isn't the only one falling in love with her. Tom is too honorable to dally with another man's wife, or is he?

This book is fraught with humor, as one can imagine when trying to pull off such a wild scheme. The story keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting for Konstanze to be discovered by either the Guard or her husband's greedy son. The sexual tension between Tom and Konstanze is marvelous, and it's difficult not to revel with her in her journey of self discovery. Lest you be concerned that adultery is afoot, rest assured that all is not what it seems. I think everyone will be satisfied with the plot's resolution. Look for Lisa's next historical, THE WILDEST SHORE coming in October 2001, and her next paranormal, DRAGON MAIDEN, in June 2002 (title was changed to GEORGE AND THE VIRGIN).

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


Though her mother had been in the opera, Konstanze had never imagined that singing could land someone in such trouble. The disrepute of the stage was nothing compared to the danger of playing a seductress of the sea or the reckless abandon she felt while doing so. She had come to Penperro to escape her past, to find careless anonymity among the simple people of Cornwall, and her inhibitions melted away as she did.

But the Cornish were less simple than she expected, and the role she was forced to play was harder. For one thing, her siren song was more potent than she'd dreamed. It lured to her not only the agent of the crown she'd been paid to perplex, but the smuggler who'd hired her. And in his strong arms she found everything she'd been missing. Suddenly, Konstanze saw the true peril of her situation not that of losing her honor, but her heart.


The Mermaid Of Penperro
by Lisa Cach

Love Spell
April 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524376
EAN #9780505524379
391 pages
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