"A wide variety of entertaining paranormal stories"

TWILIGHT CROSSINGS was an entertaining anthology with a wide variety of paranormal stories. With its suppressive society and religious zealots, I found "Isadora" to be rather dark. However, Isadora overcomes these obstacles to find true love. I really enjoyed "Twin Star" with its theme of prejudice and it contained a great love story. "Eidolon" was the darkest story of them all and can't be classified as a true romance, because it doesn't have a happily-ever-after. This story reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. "Thief of Dreams" was my favorite story in this anthology. I loved the faeries and faery lore detailed in this story.

All in all, I quite enjoyed TWILIGHT CROSSINGS and recommend it. However, if you must have a happy ending, skip "Eidolon".

"Isadora" by Jeanne Allen
This story takes place in a dark ages type of world, where the thirst for knowledge is stifled. Isadora is a young woman who secretly conducts her own experiments. She writes her findings in a journal but keeps it hidden. The council, which controls her village of Alderwood, has witch trials fairly regularly. Even though her father is a member of the council, Isadora knows that she would be in danger should others discover her hobby. Her life changes when a stranger enters the village and seems to already know the concepts she has discovered.

"Twin Star" by Jeanine Berry
Sonneret is a member of the race known as the Dorshans. To escape their dying planet, some Dorshans journeyed through a gate to the planet Arth. The planet of Arth is inhabited by Huymans, although there are rumors of other races traveling through the gate. The Dorshans have psychic abilities which they keep hidden from the Huymans out of fear. The Huyman leader Ehereon, divorces his wife and issues a proclamation to find a bride. This proclamation states that all unmarried women are to be rounded up and brought before the harem keeper. The harem keeper will choose the best of the bunch and then Ehereon will choose his bride from these. Sonneret is chosen by the harem keeper and when she meets E feels the pull of her soulmate. She resists this notion because he is Huyman and she is Dorshan. Will Sonneret and Ehereon overcome their fear and prejudice?

"Eidolon" by Shannah Biondine
Azubah Malet is the sister of Lucifer. She journeys to a Colorado gold rush town in order to win a wager with Lucifer. If Lucifer looses, he must beg forgiveness for his past sins so that he and his entire clan may return to their former glory. Azubah is attracted to the lame human Haggerty and embroils him in her schemes. However, appearances aren't always what they seem and Lucifer is a very tricky devil.

"Thief of Dreams" by Sheri L. McGathy
Nerys Devi, the daughter of Lord Devi, is betrothed to Gerard Regan, whom she dislikes. At a fair, she dances with Cody, the son of Lord O'Neal. Cody and Gerard get into a fight and Lord Devi breaks it up. Lord Devi later declares that each man will have a year to win the heart of his daughter. His daughter chooses Cody, but before their wedding, he must travel to his former liege's domain. On his way back, he is attacked and thrown into a faery ring. Will Nerys ever see Cody again or must she now marry the hateful Gerard?

Marlene Breakfield Copyright 2003
For & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted March 29, 2003


This title will become available in trade paperback from Double Dragon Publishing in March 2003, ISBN: 1894841905

Twilight Crossings is an exciting anthology featuring novellas by four of intriguing voices in fantasy and speculative fiction--Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry, Shannah Biondine and Sheri L. McGathy.

Twilight Crossings...four novellas that will transport you to dazzling new worlds...

"Isadora" by Jeanne Allen: On an earth where nuclear war destroyed the old world, Isadora must fight for the freedom to explore truth.

"Twin Star" by Jeanine Berry: Forced to marry against her will, Sonneret must hide the secret powers of her race from a man she is beginning to love...a man who will destroy her people if he learns the truth.

"Eidolon" by Shannah Biondine: An unusual stranger comes to town in this fun tale about the old wild west with a devilish twist of humor.

"Thief of Dreams" by Sheri L. McGathy: Nerys Devi has met the man she could love with all her heart, the one she would share her dreams with. Yet, fate has other plans. Instead of sharing her dreams, will he now be doomed to haunt them?


Twilight Crossings
by Sheri L. McGathy, Jeanine Berry, Jeanne Allen, Shannah Biondine

Double Dragon
December 1, 2002
ISBN #1894841891
336 pages
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