"Hotter than Szechwan style food"

Mitch Landry sees his inheritance of a shop willed to him from his recently deceased uncle as an opportunity to open up a Chinese Restaurant and close Just 4 Play. Besides wanting to manage a five-star restaurant, the prim and proper Mitch feels a lingerie and sex toy shop is unsuited for a real businessman.

Jill Sheldon enjoys life to the fullest, as she believes girls just want to have fun. Jill believes her place of employment Just 4 Play needs to stay open not just because she needs a job, but because she believes this store provides a real service helping people fulfill their fantasies. She refuses to sit idly by as Mr. No Fun serves up lo mein noodles as Jill plans to become Mitch's mentor in the art of enjoying life starting with a seduction that will leave Landry dreaming of something besides chop suey.

This tale is hotter than Szechwan style food as the lead couple heats the sheets. The story line is often amusing and the secondary cast adds depth especially in the shop. Though Mitch takes responsibility to a degree that is irritating (get a life bud) and Jill takes irresponsibility to a degree that is also exasperating (you're an adult sweetheart), together these two minuses multiply into a positively engaging sexy novel.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 28, 2003


Jill Sheldon believes in Happy perfume, Miracle Bras, and in not letting a day go by without having fun. Mitch Landry is too busy putting his kid sister through medical school and building a reputation as a solid citizen to have fun. When Mitch inherits Just 4 Play, a sex toy shop where Jill works, he intends to close the place down and open a respectable restaurant. Determined to save the store and her job, Jill decides seducing Mitch will be the perfect way to help him discover all the benefits of the store's merchandise. But can Jill introduce fun into Mitch's life without losing her heart to him?


Just 4 Play
by Cindi Myers

Harlequin (Blaze)
April 1, 2003
ISBN #0373790864
180 pages
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