"Futuristic Fans will Love this long awaited Shielder adventure"

Fans of this series, and lovers of futuristics, will enjoy the long awaited fourth installment of this incredible series.

Along with her sister, and what remained of the Shielders, Enhancers, and Shens, Ceilie Cameron had fled through a wormhole to a new life far from the domination of the evil Controllers (see SHAMARA).. Life in the Verante quadrant was perfect and....well, dull. Here the governing body had ensured equality for all. Everyone had sufficient food, technology, and medical care, or so she thought.

The onetime smuggler had escaped oppression, but could not hide from the shadows inside herself. At times like this she missed the rush of her daring, often illegal, missions. Now, the routine of her existence gave her too much time to probe her emotional scars, to realize she was lonely, and that she would always be alone. Never would she know the love of a man, like Moriah had (see SHADOWER). Her dark secrets could never be brought into the light.

Celie's latest mission however, is not routine, as she realizes when she lands on the planet, Joba. The foul air and poor conditions remind her of Calt, a hell-hole in the old quadrant. Something is definitely wrong here. Still she has a delivery to make, and must find her client, known to her only as Max. Drawing on her experiences she heads for the nearest bar. Her honed senses soon discern that she is being followed. Apparently Celie is not the only one seeking adventure. To her surprise she finds Raven, the adopted nineteen-year-old daughter of Chase and Nessa McKnight (see SHIELDER). The is nothing to be done but to take the stowaway along with her.

As expected they find Max in the bar. After feeling him out to ensure that he is not responsible for the deplorable conditions on the planet, Celie leads him and his android, Rurick, to her ship to transfer the goods. While making the exchange, they are attacked. Out numbered and out gunned, they barely escape in Max's craft, leaving Ceilie's behind. Max had been injured trying to protect Raven, leaving Rurick to pilot the ship and see to its repairs.

Celie finds herself intrigued by the android. Though obviously designed to be his master's double, he has far more personality than the human man. How odd that his eyes should have so much expression, his voice convey such emotion. Warmth just seemed to radiate from him. In fact she felt oddly attracted to him. Perhaps he was the answer to the questions that burned in her on long lonely nights. With him she could experience what she would never experience with a real man?

Rurick too had secrets. This deception had been perpetrated for his protection. Max was the true android. He was the Crown Prince of his people. He had been in search of his late mother's relations when he had stumbled upon the deplorable conditions in the ninth sector.

Being a prince had its advantages. By virtue of his diplomatic status he had been able to avoid the check points he was sure had been set up to erase the memories of those who ventured here. He was also certain that someone in the High Council was responsible for this abomination. After the attack on Joba, he is certain of it. Being a prince had its disadvantages as well. The attraction Celie felt, was definitely mutual, but his mission of mercy had to take precedence. She could not discover who he was. -- Easier said than done.

Though often at cross purposes, both Celie and Rurick are determined to right the wrongs in the ninth sector. Can they fight the attraction that would be disasterous for both? SHADOW CROSSING is a grand adventure, filled with intrigue and incredible passion. It is a tale of greed, ignorance, and betrayal, of self acceptance, and of love. Wondering about Raven? More than a mere side character, she is a perfect foil for Celie. The younger woman is completely open to what life and love have to offer. Though Celie feels compelled to protect her, in some ways Raven is the stronger of the two. She too has been ill treated in the past, but has not allowed it to cripple her. Instead it had endowed her with incredible empathy. Some surprises are in store for her as well, but you'll just have to read the book! Very Highly Recommended.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 26, 2003


Ex-smuggler Celie Cameron meets her match in a mysterious android pilot, one who harbors surprising secrets of his own. Celie can handle the glaxay-spanning intrigue and deception into which Rurick throws her, but her attraction to him is another matter entirely. Forced together by circumstance, Celie and Rurick blaze across the galaxy, engaged in the oldest combat of all - the battle of the sexes.


Shadow Crossing
(Shielder Series book 4)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
April 1, 2003
Available: October 30, 2006
ISBN #0505525240
EAN #9780505525246
368 pages
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