"Hot and delicious"

In San Francisco, Ariana Karas devotes her life to making her Greek restaurant, Ari's Oasis, a success. Maxwell Forrester is a regular at Ari's Oasis, but surprisingly may be the only repeat male customer whom has not tried to pick up Ari. Needing time off and wanting romance, albeit only for a week, Ari decides to see first hand how Max can fill her nights with warmth and sex.

Timing may be a bit off, as Max is to marry his best friend's cousin, a friend also, tomorrow. Max has chosen friendship as the key to his nuptials rather than love and his future spouse Madelyn apparently agrees. However, at his bachelor party someone drugs Max. When he awakens the next morning he finds the lovely Ari sharing his bed and his bride missing. Though he worries about Maddie and has problems remembering the night, Max finds he wants passion in his bed, which means Ari, but she wants a week or is she reconsidering perhaps a lifetime? However someone is exposing their tryst.

EXPOSED lives up to the Blaze imprint, as this contemporary romance is torrid. The story line heats up the pages and explains what is meant by a warm San Francisco night though the animal magnetism of the lead duo though the plot turns a bit thin with the exposure of the blazing affair. Still, fans will still relish the story line because the passion between Ari and Max is not just real, it is a feeling that every reader desires and Julie Elizabeth Leto catches every solar spark between her stars.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 23, 2001


People who have anything other than dark hair and eyes live their lives constantly in fear of the priests who would murder them on sacrificial altars. For those whose need is greatest, a golden puma will appear. Karrak is a shapeshifter who has two purposes in life - revenge on the corrupt priests who murdered his mother because of her blond hair and blue eyes and rescuing every light-haired or pale-eyed child the priests find. Nothing is more important than their lives - until he sees the healer Mireya bathing in a forest pool. The puma that shares his soul screams out in recognition. Mireya is his soulmate! His! For Mireya, nothing is more important than caring for people. Then, a man appears, a blond-haired, blue-eyed man, a man totally unlike any she'd ever seen before. When he comes to her in the dark of night, she discovers a hot, sensual passion she can't deny. But the night Karrak disappears in a cloud of golden mist and a puma appears in his place, Mireya must face the fact that he is far more than a man. Love a shapeshifter! But when Karrak is captured by the priests, Mireya risks everything to save him. Love is more important than anything else.

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(Myths and Legends: Book 2)
by Judy Mays

Changeling Press
July 1, 2005
Available: July 1, 2005
ISBN #1595961089
EAN #9781595961082
256 pages
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