"Romance with a twist on second chance at love"

Chris Copestakes in her early twenties is an animal loving, easy going, and simple living person in Maven Colorado. But she is about to find her world turned upside down when she discovers her boyfriend is not who he claims to be. He claims he can prove his innocence to her if she will meet him later at a spot across town. On her way to meet with him she is side swiped by a truck and pushed off a bridge to her death. Terribly saddened about losing her life and leaving her heart broken family, she tries to accept her death and go into the light. But God, has different plans for her he is going to give her a second chance. Only there's a catch... it's in another woman's body and there's a mission she needs to accomplish. Find his heart.

Waking up in a totally different hospital and looking into the most amazing eyes of a gorgeous blond man, she believes that he is to be her mission. But she feels so different. Gazing at her well-manicured hands she reads her wristband to find out she's another woman completely. Chris is now a well groomed, curvy and highly sexy Hallie DiBarto who is in the middle of a very ugly marriage. It is a marriage that turned sour because of this woman was before she died.

Jaime DiBarto knows his marriage is over but until the divorce he is honor bound to stand by his wife and see her rehabilitated completely. Once on her feet again they will go there own ways, for his heart can no longer survive another beating by Hallie.

Fearing that if she confides in Jaime and tells him the truth she will be sent to an insane asylum, Chris/Hallie, decides to feign amnesia, which isn't too far from the truth. Leaving the hospital Hallie goes to stay with Jaime at his mother's home; a home that Hallie feels less than welcome at. It is here that she starts her research into the life of whom Hallie was so that she can make amends and find the heart of Jaime.

Although Jaime finds some definite differences in the 'new' Hallie he is not eager to trust her as he had before; especially when her lover, Mick is still waiting in the wings to whisk her away to France as was previously planned.

Hallie undaunted by all the people who keep reminding her of what a loser she used to be and that she can't win, goes after Jaime anyway. It is from her inner reserves of strength, blind faith and a belief in love that Chris/Hallie starts to find Jaime's heart. But of course the process can never be that easy as Mick is still hot for her no matter how much she tries to deny his advances. And Jaime has Caterina who is eager to heal his wounds and become his next wife.

Tina Wainscot works her magic telling of human nature. Chris now Hallie is totally afraid of Mick and Jaime doesn't know what to believe anymore. Will Chris/Hallie find her husband's heart in time? And will she ever resolve the life and death she left behind that continues to haunt her with nightmares?

Tina Wainscott is amazing at creating an incredible concept of second chances in another person's body and making it almost seem possible. This book is dynamic, compelling and romantic. I found I was really pushing for Chris/Hallie to succeed and find her first love in the heart of another woman's husband.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted March 16, 2003


Hallie has had a brain hemorrhage and has died; Chris has died in a car accident but on the way to heaven asked for a second chance at life because she never experienced love. Chris is then sent back to earth and told to "find his heart". What she did not know at the time was that she was back on earth alive but in a different body. She was now Hallie DiBarto.


On the Way to Heaven
(Hallie DiBarto #1)
by Tina Wainscott

St. Martin's Press
April 1, 1995
ISBN #0312954174
EAN #9780312954178
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