"An exciting romantic suspense"

New York City police officer John Desmond was proud of his son Nick when he became a detective. Nick was assigned to a special task force to bring down the Fazzini Drug Empire, but everything went wrong. They killed his father in what the department claimed was a drive by shooting. Then the crime family planted evidence that Nick was on the take. Now Nick works as a private sleuth taking odd jobs including "rent a pig" assignments.

Maureen Fazzini offers Nick an interesting deal. In exchange for proof he was not on the take and destroying her crime family, he protects her and her granddaughter while she fakes her death and they flee to Ballybronagh, Ireland. She wants the lass raised as far away as possible from the criminal activity of the family.

Schoolteacher Maggie Malone returns to her hometown of Ballybronagh hoping to teach there, but instead learns the school might close. When Nick and Maggie meet, there is an immediate attraction but he cannot afford love to interfere with his quest that he believes he owes his father. However, both also hear whispers in the wind that frighten them yet make them yearn for one another.

MULLIGAN MAGIC, the sequel to MULLIGAN STEW, is an exciting romantic suspense with some paranormal elements. The story line grips the audience as if Deb Stover cast a magical spell over them. Nick is a complex protagonist struggling with a myriad of emotions including guilt, anger, resentment, and now love. Maggie is a much simpler character, but provides a strong counterpoint. Together they captivate readers.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 30, 2003


Mulligan fans will also enjoy "A Mulligan Christmas", a gift from Deb Stover!

Mulligan Magic:

Maggie Mulligan was thrilled to be back in Ballybronagh, surrounded by her lively Irish clan. All she wanted was to raise enough money to keep the local school open so she could keep her teaching job. So why was she suddenly preoccupied with the mysterious new American who recently arrived in Ballybronagh?

Working undercover had taken former New York City police detective Nick Desmond to Ballybronagh, where he planned to gather enough evidence to take down his father's killer. But it wasn't long before Nick felt torn between his long- held yearning for revenge and his owverwhelming desire for the beaturiful schoolteacher. If he wasn't careful, his longing for Maggie would overtake him, generating repercussion that were far mor dangerous than his original mission.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghost

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Mulligan Magic
(Mulligan: Book 2)
by Deb Stover

Jove (Irish Eyes)
April 1, 2003
Available: March 25, 2003
ISBN #0515135119
EAN #9780515135114
306 pages
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