"Comical and lovable fairy godmothers finagle makeover and romance"

Forget the fact that the heroine is an eccentric and endearingly stubborn modern woman who shares the same given name as yours truly. Forget the fact that the hero is an equally eccentric and irresistible psychiatrist with a remarkable moniker of his own and wisdom and wit to match. Go into this book devoid of all ideas and expectations except the one about having a fast-paced and rousing fun time.

Grace MacGuire has just been offered a three-book contract from her editor, with a not-inconsequential promotional budget--every writer's dream. And in the opening pages of Mad About Max she crashes headlong into every writer's biggest nightmare when three irrepressible fairies (Blossom, Fern and Myrtle) determined to hook her up with her true love, blink into her car on the drive home and have Grace questioning her sanity.

What's a self-respecting and over-imaginative author-cum- goddaughter to do? Well, if you're one Grace MacGuire and not prone to go down quietly or without a fight, you get thee to the nearest yellow pages as soon as feasible and find the most suitable candidate to remedy your sudden case of sanity impairment.

However, Blossom, Fern, and Myrtle are just as stubborn as their creator is, and will not be denied accomplishing their fairy godmotherly duties.

By the time Grace makes it home from an embarrassing run-in with an infant traffic cop whose 'ma'amed' her, she realizes that the trio have only begun with their matchmaking antics and have more tricks up their collective, colorful sleeves than a self-respecting fairy godmother can shake a wand at. The least of which is finagling a total cosmetic makeover for their ponytail wearing goddaughter and pirating her sweats-and-jeans heavy wardrobe before her meeting with their candidate.

The candidate in question turns out to be one sexy and young (much younger and far from the four-eyed Einstein-ish man Grace had envisioned after landing on his sane-sounding and trustworthy name in the phone book)., Dr. Aaronson.

After having negotiated an appointment (under the guise of a writer on deadline having a problem with some characters"), and finally coming face-to-face with the knee- weakening sight of Artemus Aaronson, Grace makes some lame excuses about incompatible plots and characters before hightailing it out of the good doctor's office.

To say her first meeting with Mr. Right gets off on an inauspicious foot would be an understatement. But much like Grace and the fairy godmothers who watch over her, Max Aaronson is persistent and not one to let a good thing slip away just because it might be the easy thing to do, or said "good thing" has a little problem like talking to invisible fairies.

Max is engagingly patient and unflappable with an easy sense of humor which comes in handy when dealing with a sanity impaired, fairy-phobic heroine, such as Grace MacGuire. He is, in a word, gallant. And together, he and Grace are the most synergetic and charming pair this side of a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. I dare any reader to resist falling in love with them as deeply as I did.

Ah, you may ask, but what of the very mischievous but well- intentioned, marriage brokering fairies with outlandish fashion sense to spare? Quite simply, Blossom, Fern and Myrtle are the most comical and lovable fairies to hold the title since Swayze, Snipes and Leguizamo donned drag in "To Wong Foo, Thank You For Everything, Julie Newmar."

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Fuhrman's work, especially her follow-up, Magic For Joy, and highly recommend Mad About Max for anyone who's ever been "mad" about anything!

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted March 16, 2003


Sanity is only a state of mind...but love is forever!

Author, Grace Macguire, has a small problem with three of her characters, a trio of fairy godmothers. They've come to life! Myrtle, Fern and Blossom promise to make all of Grace's wishes come true, but all she's wishing is that they will go away. Unfortunately, the fairies are here to stay. So Grace is going for some psychiatric assistance to help her with her sudden sanity-impairment.

In his career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Max Aaronson has never had a patient with fairy delusions. At least, not until Grace walks into his office. But when she smiles, he finds he almost believes in magic. Nothing else could explain the effect she has on him.

As the fairies throw Max and Grace into one mishap after another, Grace has a hard time deciding if she's really sanity-impaired or simply...Mad About Max.


Mad About Max
(Fairy Godmothers Series: Book 1)
by Holly Fuhrmann

February 1, 1999
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #1893896056
EAN #9781893896055
158 pages
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