"A Romance with a look at history that is passionate and entertaining"

Gabrielle Camden has suffered numerous losses in her past, the blame for which she lays solidly at her own feet. More than a decade ago, her world was destroyed by an accident that caused the death of her younger brother and tore apart her family. Feeling responsible for her parent's separation and her tutor's losing his job; Gaby throws herself into her pursuit of a career as a forensic artist. She travels from excavation site to excavation site in search of something that, until her most recent project, has remained illusive to her: a sense of belonging and purpose.

When Gaby uncovers the skull of a young Native American woman at the dig site of her current project, she has no idea that her life is about to change drastically. Driven, and with things to prove to herself and the foundation funding the project, she throws herself into reconstructing the face of a woman whose life is inexorably connected to her own.

Dogging Gaby's steps and lurking around the dig site, hungry for a story that's begging to be told, is news reporter Roy Prescott. In search of his own sense of worth and belonging and trying to surpass his father's low expectations for him, Roy is a man with issues of his own to prove.

Gaby mistrusts the media and avoids them at all costs after trusting them once resulted in her losing funding for a project. She's determined not to make this mistake again and resolves to keep the enigmatic Roy at arm's length. He represents much more of a threat than the media at large does as she recognizes his ability to too easily skirt her protective walls.

Roy is attracted to Gaby in ways he can't begin to identify. But the attraction doesn't confuse or frighten him as much as the visions that lately plague him do. They seem to hint at a mysterious past love with the artist, which is a belief system that he, a man of believe-it-when- I-see it facts, is unprepared to accept. Despite his misgivings, Roy plans to persuade Gaby to entrust him with the details of her current project, but more importantly, with the secrets of her battered conscience and emotionally scarred heart. But before he has a chance to do either, Gaby disappears, leaving Roy to look for her in the most unexpected place conceivable: their past.

Ms. Petit shows real talent for setting in this novel, bringing to life the rugged and dangerous western territory of Custer's Last Stand with authority and vivid imagery, drawing the reader into the fateful politics under which so many Native Americans and Whites lived and died. In this depiction she is both passionate and entertaining, without being preachy or losing sight of the immortal love story at the heart of this book.

A debut crafted with sensitivity and underlying themes of magic and spirituality, Ms. Petit's novel balances the harsh realities of the past with the sensual promise of the future. Through her enticing and credible characterizations, she succeeds in showing us that not only can we go home again and again, the heart will always be there once we arrive.

Convincing and fanciful, "A Find Through Time" is well worth the trip back through time.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted March 16, 2003


Across the sweeping plains of Montana, back to the Battle of Little Big Horn, comes a heartfelt story of self-discovery, reclaimed heritage and eternal love.


A Find Through Time
by Marianne Petit

WigWam Publishing
October 1, 2000
ISBN #1930076185
EAN #9781930076181
212 pages
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