"Great anthology"

The delightful nineteen contributions will widen the horizons of fans of magic, fantasy and horror with a prime focus on West African or African-American stories. The anthology covers a wide gamut within the genres and contains different methods to entertain the audience such as humor, satire, or suspense, etc.

All the stories are well written, though adjustment to dialect can slow down some of the contributions albeit adding extra realism to the tale. A few stories are terrific. The author has an attention grabbing introduction starting with "Reader, Be Aware!" and if that Mojo don't hook you, Ms. Hopkinson needs stronger spells if any exist. Luisah Teish introduces the collection with an insightful look at MOJO so that along with entertaining short stories, the audience receives powerful magic.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 14, 2003


An extraordinary collection of original stories that draws on African magic and lore, written by the finest SF and fantasy writers and edited by the award-winning author of Brown Girl in the Ring. When enslaved people were brought from the western part of Africa to the Americas, they were forbidden to speak their native languages or practice their religions in the New World. But their folkways survived as underground beliefs, and, in the crucible of slavery, created systems of magic and herbal lore with a particularly West African flavor. MOJO draws on the talents of writers who have a reputation for the sensitive, imaginative use of folklore and folkways in their work.


by Editor Nalo Hopkinson

April 1, 2003
ISBN #0446679291
320 pages
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