"This is a five star read."

Devin James and Shane McNamara share two things in common. They both write western novels. However, the genre has room for plenty of styles with Devin and Shane on opposite spectrums when it comes to the lead protagonist. Devin's novels star a prim virginal female finding love while Shane's tales center on a macho gun-blazing male who sleeps around.

Editor Angela Reims decides that collaboration between Devin and Shane will mean big bucks for everyone involved. However, neither author can stand the other as they argue over whether Rose Coltraine will fall into bed with Dare Calder especially in the first few chapters. As the lead characters of the novel written in hell play matchmaker, Devin and Shane begin to see the full depth of their writing partner. Soon this blossoms into love, but will either admit that they want a lifetime partnership after their constant brawls as a writing team?

CALDER'S ROSE is an entertaining tale that "breaks" the wall with a book within a book. The lead couple(s) are fun as "real" life imitates art when the protagonists fuss, fight, and fall in love. Though the "four" prime players behave too stereotyped that ironically emphasizes the extreme differences between them as they star in a satirical look at western and western romance novels. This novel is fun enjoyable and entertaining. This is a five star read.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 12, 2003


Dare Calder is the kind of rough-riding, fast-shooting hero who will never let himself be saddled with just one woman. Unfortunately, Shane McNamara has agreed to co-write the next book in his Texas West series, and his collaborator is a curvaceous temptress who makes it mighty hard for a man to stick to his guns. Devin isn't sure which is more dangerous, the Old West or the come-and-get-it look in Shane's eyes. As they corral their characters into courtin', Devin swears she'll leave Shane free to roam the range. But with their face-off more likely to come at midnight than high noon, she realizes no one can prevent a happy ending for their story.


Calder's Rose
by Kate Angell

Love Spell
April 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525321
320 pages
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