"Engaging Tale of Power and Prejudice"

Nathaniel Warrington, the young and handsome new Baron Ravenall has agreed to a self-imposed exile. He is headed to his new country holdings, at the suggestion of his family, following the scandalous outcome of his liaison with a troubled young woman of the lower class.

Though she'd been the instigator of their torrid affair, the young woman had entertained unrealistic expectations of marriage. When Nathaniel disabused her of the notion, she became despondent. Her tragic death weighs heavily on his conscience. His traveling companion and friend, Paul Carlisle has a scandal of his own that needs to die down before he returns to London.

Upon reaching Greyfriars they are met by one of the area's more notorious inhabitants, a talking Raven named Oscar. Paul jokes that this is an omen that Nathaniel will never see London again.The bird belongs to the village healer, a young woman named Valerian Bright.

Orphaned as a child, Valerian had been spirited away to the country by her aunt, who had fostered her unusual gift. Both respected and feared for her unnatural abilities. Valerian walks the edge, for though witch trials had been banned by royal decree in England, the country folk are a superstitious lot and very likely to take matters into their own hands. Because of this fear, Valerian has long since given up the desire to have a suitor of her very own. Deep in her heart she believes that no one can love her because she is unlovable. Valerian is resigned to her fate and has adopted a rather intimidating front to keep men at a distance - an act which proves to be very effective on Paul, but only serves to intrigue the passionate baron.

It isn't long before the baron proposes a mutually satisfying relationship with the beautiful young healer, a relationship which her aunt encourages, believing that Valerian will probably never wed. Paul is frightened of her, and fears that the baron has a penchant for engaging inappropriate young women in affairs. Nathaniel doesn't see it that way at all. After all it was he who had made the proposition to Valerian. He had made it clear to her that nothing permanent could come of the liaison, and besides he he genuinely likes her. She is earthy, wise, kind, and caring, as well as lovely, so different from the women of his own class whose only thoughts are for wealth, titles, and possessions. The more he is with her the more he feels he needs her. He is truly content and soon he cannot imagine his life without her. Still he never contemplates marriage until the fateful day when the tide of public sentiment turns against Valerian.

Is he truly in love with her, or has guilt over his last lover's death influenced his decision? Can he convince Valerian that she is worthy of his love?

I liked this book immensely. It is very dark in some places but the characters are engaging and though they are an unlikely pair, the story is well written and believable. Recommended.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


Valerian has always known before that she will never marry. While the townsfolk of her Yorkshire village are grateful for her abilities, the price of her gift is solitude. But it never bothered her until now. Nathaniel Warrington is the new baron of Ravenall, and he has never wanted anything the way he desires his peoples enigmatic healer. Her exotic beauty fans flames in him that feel unnaturally fierce. Their first kiss flares hotter still. Opposed by those who seek to destroy her, compelled by a love that will never die, Nathaniel fights to earn the lone beauty's trust. And Valerian will learn the only thing more dangerous than bewitching a baron, is being bewitched by one.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance, Magic


Bewitching The Baron
by Lisa Cach

March 1, 2000
Available: March 1, 2000
ISBN #050552368X
EAN #9780505523686
368 pages
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