"Wonderful Fantasy Debut"

I found this book to be a delightfully entertaining debut.

Don't mistake this novel for a Viking historical romance. The hero, Dar of Asgard, drops straight out of Norse mythology and right in front of the vehicle driven by heroine Jennifer Giordano.

Dar has publicly humiliated Loki the Trickster. Bent on revenge, Loki plays a cruel trick on him gifting him a crystal that whisks him away to another time and place. Dar arrives on Earth complete with magical items and attire, and a DRAGON!

Jennifer is having the worst day of her life. She's recently lost her mother, now her job. She hasn't paid her insurance bill, and Dar's confusion has led her to believe she has struck him with her car. When he refuses to go to a hospital, or hotel, she reluctantly agrees to take him on as a boarder.

Taking in Dar causes many complications. At first Jennifer thinks he's had one bump in the head too many, but soon comes to believe his tale. Dar and dragon don't have the easiest time fitting in. Dar is baffled by many of Jennifer's possessions; he kills her clock, and cooks for her in the back yard. He sheaths his sword in her over- stuffed sofa, and Firedrake the dragon alternately claws and eats various items, including her elderly neighbor's pet squirrels. The mishaps lend much humor to the tale. Naturally Jennifer is heartbroken at the destruction of her treasured possessions, and of course Dar always promises to replace everything. You know love has struck when Jennifer ceases to care about her things, finally realizing that Dar and Firedrake are far more precious to her.

The pair face down villains of both worlds. They run afoul of a gang of young hoodlums, an evil scientist determined to clone Firedrake, and Loki who is preparing to take his revenge. Dar uses all his advantages to keep Jennifer from harm, but when a heroic act saps him of the last of his strength at the critical moment of conflict, Jennifer must find a way to save his life. I really liked the fact that the heroine was also strong and resourceful. It was truly heartwarming to see her protective instincts aroused.

Dar is given a chance to return home alone. He is uncertain of his ability to return to Jennifer. He now knows that she is his soul mate, that they are connected. She will be able to feel him leave and he will feel her grief as the crystal begins to work. Dar makes a difficult decision. Jennifer has a tough decision of her own to make. She knows Dar must return home to warn his people of Loki's treachery, but can she live in his world, and if not can she bear to let him go?

The resolution is sweet, but there is quite a bit of room for a sequel featuring Dar's brother or sister.

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


Room For Rent

Jennifer Giordano wasn't looking for a hero, just a boarder to help make ends meet. But Dar was larger-than-life in every respect, and as her gaze traveled from his broad chest to his muscular arms, time stopped, literally. Her new tenant unsheathed a knife and shattered the face of her chiming grandfather clock. Then he diced up her beeping alarm clock, and Jennifer knew this hulking hunk with a magic mantle, crystal dagger, and pet dragon would never be the ideal housemate.

Heart Not Included

The Norse god treated her with an unexpected gentleness, even though he used her dining room furniture as kindling to barbecue her dinner. Jennifer had little time to mobilize her defenses. But as the Norseman with the disarming smile turned her house into a battlefield, Jennifer felt a more fiery struggle begin. Gazing into his twinkling blue eyes, she knew she could surrender to whatever the powerful warrior wished, for she'd already won the greatest prize of all: his love.


Beloved Warrior
by Judy Di Canio

Love Spell
July 1, 1999
ISBN #0505523256
EAN #9780505523259
368 pages
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