"lyrically written fantasy quest and love story"

Just as this book is about a quest to be resolved; so too does the old saying come into play, "It is not about the destination, but rather the journey that brings these two halves into a whole." And as most of us know such a coming together of soul mates is never simple or quick. There is much to be learned along the way.

Egann is the Fae Prince who runs from his calling to be King. The magical amulet he is supposed to wear, as king becomes only a necklace he must protect until the rightful King steps forward. Wanting to escape sad memories and responsibilities his life has held, Egann crosses over to Earth where he is drawn to a mysterious raven haired beauty who dances by the light of the moon and haunts his dreams.

Known to those as a Shadow Dancer, Deirdre's moon lit dance brings prosperous crops and babes to new mothers. But she and the rest of her kind are cursed to an existence of the night, as the daylight would kill her.

As Egann begins his life in the realm of earth he wakes from yet another dream about Deirdre to find the Amulet of Gwymyrr gone. Believing the woman in his dreams to be the thief, Egann sets out to find the Shadow Dancer. Unbeknownst to him, it is not she who possesses the amulet, but rather something far greater...his heart.

Confused by their growing attraction to each other, one makes a commitment to the other. Deirdre promises to help him find his amulet as he promises to protect her from those that would see her kind dead. And if it is with in his ability, try to break the curse of the Shadow Dancer.

This book is written almost lyrically as Karen Whiddon's words and analogies are equally artistic and beautiful. Her descriptions help you to feel the moment completely as you read it. SHADOW MAGIC is a classic story of soul mates...night and day... the self-serving meeting the selflessly serving... the analogies are equally artistic and beautiful. For these two soul mates to survive, each must share what the other carries in their heart.

Karen really knows how to drive a love scene. The attraction between these two characters is just yummy! As much as the plot and story line are wonderfully written, so are her love scenes. Well balanced, well driven, and mmm, mmm good!

Mindy Lobaugh for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted March 8, 2003


When the golden stranger appears before her, Deirdre is not afraid. She has spent many nights dreaming of this man on his white charger, this errant Faerie prince. He is everything she is not: light where she is dark. He burns like the fiery sun she is forbidden to see, that she longs to feel on her skin. Will his touch be like flame, searing her instantly into dusty ash—or sensual like sunrays warming the morning air? Yet Deirdre knows true joy does not come just from emerging from the darkness to feel the sun. There is more. Like love and passion, light and darkness are two halves of a whole. In their joining is the magic she seeks.


Shadow Magic
(Rune: Book 2)
by Karen Whiddon

Love Spell
March 1, 2003
Available: March 1, 2003
ISBN #0505524910
EAN #9780505524911
368 pages
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